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Category Geometric sans-serif
Designer(s) W.A. Woolley
Foundry Monotype Corporation

Braggadocio is a geometrically constructed sans-serif stencil typeface designed by W.A. Woolley in 1930 for the Monotype Corporation. The design was based on Futura Black.[1]

Though a stencil face, Braggadocio bears comparison with the heavier weighted Didone faces like Thorowgood, Poster Bodonii, and Fat Face. A product of the Art Deco era, Braggadocio shares similarities with Architype Albers and Futura Black, the typeface used in the wordmark of Au Bon Pain, a U.S. restaurant-bakery chain.

The lowercase characters a, f, c, s and y have terminals similar to the Fat Face model. The face is atypical in a topological sense in that none of the characters has a circular counter-form (hole).

The famous "M" logo for Motown Records uses this typeface, and the wordmark for the Minnesota Vikings also had it for many years.

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