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Location of Brahmanbaria in Bangladesh
Location of Brahmanbaria in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 23°59′N 91°07′E / 23.983°N 91.117°E / 23.983; 91.117Coordinates: 23°59′N 91°07′E / 23.983°N 91.117°E / 23.983; 91.117
Country Bangladesh
DivisionChittagong Division
 • Total1,927.11 km2 (744.06 sq mi)
(2011 census)[1]
 • Total2,840,498
 • Density1,500/km2 (3,800/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)
Postal code

Brahmanbaria (Bengali: ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া) is a district in east-central Bangladesh.

Administration and demographics[edit]

Brahmanbaria District, which was included in Comilla district (formerly Tipura district) was established in 1984. The district has 4 municipalities, 39 wards, 97 mahallas, 9 upazilas, 98 union parishads, 1081 mouzas and 1329 villages.

According to the 2011 Bangladesh census, Brahmanbaria District had 538,937 households and a population of 2,840,498.[1]


Brahmanbaria district is divided into nine Subdivisions (previously known as Thanas or only one Towns) as below:

Parliament constituencies[edit]

There are six Jatiyo Shangshad constituencies in Brahmanbaria district. These constituencies and the current Members of Parliament are:[2]


Economy of Brahmanbaria
BD Brahmanbaria District locator map.svg
The Location of Brahmanbaria District on the Map of Bangladesh.
CurrencyBangladeshi Taka
৳76 BDT = US$1
Population below poverty line
Labour force
Labour force by occupation
Agricultural, industrial, and service
Main industries
Gas, Agriculture, Electricity, Fishing
Ashuganj Port, on Meghna River will be largest port by 2030.

Brahmanbaria is one of the fastest growing districts in the country. The major industries of Brahmanbaria District have been: agriculture, fishing, power, and natural gas.

This city has the largest railway junction in the country which is Akhaura.[4]

Power and gas[edit]

Power plant

Brahmanbaria's Titas gas is important to Bangladesh. Currently the government is drilling new wells.[5] In some other parts of Brahmanbaria gas was founded. It turned down the price of gas.[6] Many parts of the country people are using gas in many illegal ways. Now the government is trying to solve that issue.[7] The total recoverable gas reserve is 4,740 billion cubic feet. Out of total sixteen gas wells drilled so far in this field 7 are vertical wells and the other 9 are deviated wells. Currently 475 million cubic feet of gas is produced daily from Titas Gas Field. Saldanodi Gas field is other gas field in Brahmanbaria. It also plays an important contribution in national economy of Bangladesh. Meghna Gas Field also located in Brahmanbaria.


Largest railway junction in Bangladesh.

The railway communication of the district is quite extensive in Bangladesh standard. Most of the important trains between Dhaka-Chittagong and Dhaka-Sylhet stop at Brahmanbaria rail station. There are about ten railway stations in the district. The country of India decided to use this district to connect power. The government shipped machines of the Palatana project from Kolkata to Agartala by using the Ashuganj river port on Meghna in Brahmanbaria district.[8] To connect with India, government of both Bangladesh and India is building 15 km railway from Akhaura to Agartala.[9]

Those are the railway stations located in Brahmanbaria District:

  • Brahmanbaria,
  • Akhuara Junction,
  • Gangasagar,
  • Imambari,
  • Paghachang,
  • Bhatshala,
  • Kashba,
  • Ashuganj,
  • Azampur
  • Singerbil
  • Merashani
  • Mukundupur
  • Harashpur
  • Mantala
  • Talshohor.


In 2015 the District of Brahmanbaria, like the rest of Bangladesh, faced problems of road blocks due to political agitation.[10] It became a terrible problem for regional connectivity as it brought a halt to the road and rail transportation. Investors became afraid to make new investments due to this reason. Luckily the situation did not last very long before being resolved. This region also faced with clashing between two groups. In 2015 a man was killed for facing problems between two groups.[11] Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh, Surendra Kumar Sinha had said while he was delivering his speech in Brahmanbaria that smuggling was hurting the national the economy.[12] Gold and dollar are going out of the country, he said.


Brahmanbaria District is mostly farmland. But within the district many cities can be found. The capital and largest city is Brahmanbaria. Akhaura and Ashuganj ranks also in top three. Prime minister of Bangladesh gave permission to use Ashuganj Port.[13] In addition, Akhaura Station will be connected to Agartala.[14]


Brahmanbaria city neighbourhood

Brahmanbaria (Sarail) was the birthplace of Isa Khan. A pot of 200 years old coin was founded in District's Akhaura Upazila. There were nearly 500 coins at the Temple of Durga in Mogra Union. The coins contain image of British Queen Elizabeth-I were from 1804, 1814 and 1836. Police said coins was handed over to archaeology department.[15]


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