Brahmeshwar Singh

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Brahmeshwar Singh
Born Brahmeshwar Singh
Died 1 June 2012(2012-06-01) (aged 64 or 65)
Cause of death Murder
Resting place Arrah
Nationality Indian
Organization Ranvir Sena
Criminal charge Carnage[1][2]
Criminal status Acquitted in 2012

Brahmeshwar Singh (1947[3]– 1 June 2012) also known as Mukhiyaji or Brahmeshwar Thakur, was head of the upper-caste Ranvir Sena militia in Bihar, India. He was also known as the Butcher of Bihar for alleged involvement of killing of dalits in Bihar.[4] On 1 June 2012, he was killed by unidentified gunmen.[5]

Ranvir Sena, arrest, and acquittal[edit]

Brahmeshwar Singh Mukhiya hails from Bhumihar family and became the leader of the Ranvir Sena soon after it was formed in 1994.[1] Singh was suspected of being involved in the killings of hundreds of Dalits.[1] In 2002, Singh was arrested on "carnage" charges, for which he faced the possibility of life imprisonment.[1] He spent nine years in jail awaiting trial and was released on bail and then later acquitted for insufficient evidence.[1]


On 5 May 2012, Singh founded the Akhil Bharatiya Rashtravadi Kisan Sangathan, an organization that Singh said would assist farmers and other manual labourers.[4][6]


On 1 June 2012, Singh was on a morning walk near his home in Arrah, Bihar. Reportedly, around six armed men shot Singh several times. The killing resulted in public unrest and severe rioting. Several thousand people burnt the circuit house, Block Development Officer's office, and several government vehicles; damaged railway offices; and stopped the trains on the Howrah-Delhi route.[5]


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