Brahms House (Baden-Baden)

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Brahms House
Brahms House in 2010
LocationMaximilianstraße. 85, Baden-Baden
Coordinates48°44′40″N 8°15′40″E / 48.74444°N 8.26111°E / 48.74444; 8.26111Coordinates: 48°44′40″N 8°15′40″E / 48.74444°N 8.26111°E / 48.74444; 8.26111
TypeBiographical museum

The Brahms House (Brahms-Haus), also known as Lichtental No. 8, is a biographical museum dedicated to Johannes Brahms in Baden-Baden, Germany. The museum is centered on the building's attic, where Brahms lived and worked on his music while in residence.


Johannes Brahms lived in Lichtental No. 8 from 1865 to 1874 during the summer months,[1] originally because of a tip from Clara Schumann. While residing here, Brahms worked on pieces such as his first and second symphonies, the piano quintet, second string sextet, and parts of A German Requiem.[2]

The Baden-Baden Brahms Society acquired the house in 1967, saving it from demolition.[3]


Brahms's summer-time residence in the attic of Lichtental No. 8 is the center of the museum documenting the composer's life.[2]

Every two years, the Baden-Baden Brahms Society organizes and hosts the Brahms Days in the city's concert halls.[1]

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