Brahms Museum (Hamburg)

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Brahms Museum
Peterstraße 39 Hamburg.JPG
entrance of the museum
Brahms Museum (Hamburg) is located in Germany
Brahms Museum (Hamburg)
Location within Germany
LocationPeterstraße 39, Hamburg-Neustadt
Coordinates53°33′4.46″N 9°58′36.73″E / 53.5512389°N 9.9768694°E / 53.5512389; 9.9768694Coordinates: 53°33′4.46″N 9°58′36.73″E / 53.5512389°N 9.9768694°E / 53.5512389; 9.9768694
Typebiographical museum
Collectionsabout Johannes Brahms
Curatordr. Alexander Odefey

The Brahms Museum is a museum in the Composers Quarter in Hamburg-Neustadt, Germany. It is dedicated to the classical composer Johannes Brahms.[1]

Collection and activities[edit]

The museum was founded in 1971 and is situated on two stories of an historical building in the Peterstraße, near to where Brahms was born. A section of the collection deals with the first three decades of his live in Hamburg.[2] One can see the table piano of Baumgardten & Heins from circa 1860 on which Brahms learned his first piano lessons as a child. Several utensils from his life are shown, as well as artworks, several busts and an extensive collection of photographs.[1]

There is a library with more than 300 books, the complete edition of Brahms of the publisher G. Henle Verlag, audio recordings, a number replicas of music notations, letters, concert programs, and other documents.[1]

The Lichtwark-Saal of the Carl Toepfer Foundation, a location near to the museum, is a place for temporary Brahms exhibitions, lectures and concerts.[1] Regularly there are walking tours through Hamburg along historical places out of the life of Brahms.[3]


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