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Brain Drain
Directed byFernando González Molina
Produced by
Written byCurro Velázquez
Álex Pina
StarringMario Casas
Amaia Salamanca
Alberto Amarilla
Gorka Lasaosa
Pablo Penedo
Canco Rodríguez
Blanca Suárez
Simon Cohen
Music byManel Santiesteban
CinematographySergio Delgado
Edited byIrene Blecua
Distributed by20th Century Fox
Release date
  • 14 July 2009 (2009-07-14)
Running time
104 minutes

Brain Drain (Spanish: Fuga de cerebros) is a 2009 Spanish romantic-comedy film directed by Fernando González Molina and starring Mario Casas and Amaia Salamanca. The film is an A3 Films's production.

The production started on 14 July 2008 in Madrid and Gijón, and its premier was on 24 April 2009. Due the great success in the Spanish's box offices, Carlos Theron filmed its sequel: Fuga de Cerebros: Ahora en Harvard (Brain Drain) in 2011.


The film begins with an 18 years old' Emilio (Mario Casas) who tells his amorous misadventures with Natalia (Amaia Salamanca) due to all his physical problems (orthodoncy, orthosis, etc.) When he is 18 he finally gets rid of all his dental appareils and has the chance to confess to Natalia his love. But when she gets a student grant to attend Oxford University (England), all his friends try to help him by going to Oxford too with fake grants.

However, once there, the group must confront several problems, such as their poor English and their disabilities and quirks (one of the Emilio's friends is blind, other is paraplegic and the last one is a drug dealer). Nevertheless, and despite their impediments, they make their best to help him to get closer to Natalia with disastrous results.



In its first week at the Spanish theaters, the film reached 1,22 mill. € at the office box and nearly 200.000 spectators saw it. With those takings, Brain Drain was the first on the Spanish box and a hit forward to State of Play.[1]

Meanwhile, in the international box office: in United States, the film got $1,614,121 in its first weekend at cinemas.[2]

The total income amounts to almost 7 mill€. becoming the biggest blockbuster Spanish film in 2009.

The film itself however, was panned by critics.[3][4]


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