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Brain Scan Studios is an independent comic book publisher based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1999 by Brian Kirsten, its focus is one-shots, mini-series and graphic novels.

Brain Scan's first published material was the three issue mini-series Touch of Death, followed by Civil Wardrobe from Rich Johnston, the horror one-shot Fiendish Fables and the six issues series One Last Song. Brain Scan has also released several books in purely digital format: Humpday, Serial and Revolution of the Mask.[1] Brain Scan launched, a tracking tool for book series in October 2009.[2]

Comics & Graphic Novels[edit]

  • Touch of Death (2003–2004) 3 issue mini-series, by Brian Kirsten
  • Civil Wardrobe (2006) One-Shot, by Rich Johnston, Kaare Andrews, Ashley Wood, Darick Robertson and others
  • Fiendish Fables (2007) One-Shot, by John Schlim Jr. & friends
  • One Last Song (2007) 6 issue mini-series, by CJ Hurtt and Shawn Richter
  • Humpday (2008) mini-series, by Adam Buechler
  • Serial (2008) mini-series, by David Hayes, Kurt Belcher, Kevin Moyers and others
  • Revolution of the Mask (2008–present) mini-series, by Lewis Lovhaug and Leonardo Freites
  • Watchmensch (2009) One-Shot, by Rich Johnston and Simon Rohrmuller


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