Brain Versus Brawn

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"Brain Versus Brawn"
Dad's Army episode
Episode no. Series Five
Episode 050
Directed by David Croft[1]
Story by Jimmy Perry and David Croft[1]
Produced by David Croft[1]
Original air date 8/12/72[1]
(recorded 17 November 1972[1])
Running time 30 minutes
Episode chronology
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"When Did You Last See Your Money?"
Next →
"A Brush with the Law"

Brain Versus Brawn is the tenth episode of the fifth series of the British comedy series Dad's Army that originally aired on 8 December 1972. It was also adapted for radio and broadcast as part of the second radio series in 1975. This is the highest rated episode of Dad's Army. 18.5 million viewers tuned into it.


The platoon is challenged to plant a dummy bomb in the Officer-in-Charge's office; in order to execute the plan they decided to disguise themselves as firemen that would allow them to enter the office to plant the dummy bomb. While travelling in an old fire engine going to the office everything is going smoothly according to plan, until Hodges has spotted a real fire forcing them to the rescue. And so the adventure begins.


The fire engine used during filming is now at Bressingham Steam and Gardens

Radio episode[edit]

"Brain versus Brawn"
Dad's Army episode
Episode no. Series Two
Story by Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles[1]
Produced by John Dyas[1]
Original air date Tuesday 15/4/75[1]
(recorded Tuesday 30/4/74[1])
Running time 30 minutes
Episode chronology
← Previous
"A Soldier's Farewell"
Next →
"War Dance"

Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles adapted the television script of Brain versus Brawn as a radio episode. It was the tenth episode of the second series and was broadcast on 15 April 1975.


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