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Operating systemWindows
Available inEnglish
TypeIntelligent software assistant

Braina is an intelligent personal assistant[1] application for Microsoft Windows developed by Brainasoft.[2][3] Braina uses natural language interface[4] and speech recognition[5] to interact with its users and allows users to use natural language sentences to perform various tasks on their computer. The application can find information from the internet, search and play songs[6] and videos of user's choice, take dictation, find and open files, set alarms and reminders, performs math calculations, controls windows and programs etc.[3][7] Braina's Android and iOS apps can be used to interact with the system remotely over a Wi-Fi network.[2]

The name Braina is a short form of Brain Artificial.[8] The software adapts to the user's behavior over time to better anticipate needs.[3] The software also allows users to type commands using keyboard instead of saying them. Braina comes in both free and paid version.

Future plc's TechRadar recognized Braina as one of the top 10 free essential software for 2015.[3] Braina comes in two versions: freeware Lite and Pro.


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