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A Previsor Company
Industry Certification, Training
Founded 1998
Headquarters USA

Brainbench was founded in January 1998 (until 8 December 1999 the name was[1]) and was later acquired by PreVisor.[2] Brainbench provides online certifications mainly in the Information Technology field and others in general. The company has provided its services to over 5000 corporate and over 6 million individual clients.[3] Some of Brainbench's 630 exams are available free of charge, while others are administered for a fee.[4]

Tests classification[edit]

Several online tests are available for those who register on the site. The tests available are classified as follows :

Test type Description
Paying tests The paying tests are those that require payment in order to take the exams.
Free tests The free tests are those that are free of charge and after completion, a certificate is provided to the successful candidate
Beta tests The beta tests are pre-released tests where no certificates are provided when completed testing


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