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Origin Hudiksvall, Sweden
Genres Noise rock, garage punk
Years active 1985–present
Labels Load
Releasing Eskimo
Big Ball
Big Brothel
Ken Rock
Burning Hell
Associated acts Totalitär
No Balls
Members Peter Råberg
Jonas Tiljiander
Drajan Bryngelsson
Dan Råberg
Past members Lars-Anders "Lanchy" Orre

Brainbombs is a Swedish noise rock band formed 1985 in Hudiksvall. The members are Dan, Peter, Jonas, Drajan and Lanchy.[1] The latter was also a member of Totalitär.[1] They are notable for their very repetitive, noisy, untuned, raucous sound. Their lyrical themes and concept have been very controversial, as some of the songs depict acts of rape, torture, and murder, similar to the writings of author Peter Sotos, whom has been named as an influence for the group.[2] Other artists named as influences for the band include Chrome, James Chance, and Whitehouse,[1] and the group's name comes from a Punishment of Luxury song.[2]



  • Peter Råberg - vocals
  • Jonas Tiljiander - guitar
  • Drajan Bryngelsson - drums
  • Dan Råberg - trumpet

Past Members

  • Lars-Anders "Lanchy" Orre - guitar (1986–2007)


Studio albums[edit]

  • Burning Hell LP/CD (1992, Blackjack)
  • Genius and Brutality... Taste and Power LP/CD (1994, Blackjack)
  • Obey CD (1995, Releasing Eskimo/Slow Dance)
  • Urge to Kill CD (1999, Load)
  • Fucking Mess LP (2008, Lystring)
  • Disposal of a Dead Body 2LP (2013, Skrammel)[3]
  • Souvenirs LP (2016, Skrammel)
  • Inferno LP (2017, Skrammel)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • "Jack the Ripper Lover" 7" (1989, self-released)
  • "Anne Frank" 7" (1990, Big Brothel Communications)
  • "It's a Burning Hell" (1992, Big Ball)
  • Live Action at ROCK ALL, Oslo live 7" (1994, Big Ball)
  • Anal Babes/Brainbombs split 7" (1995, Demolition Derby/Pit'sbull)
  • "Macht" 7" (1999, Gun Court/Wabana)
  • Cheap 12" (2003, Load)
  • "Stigma of the Ripper" 7" (2003, Tumult)
  • "The Grinder" 7" (2004, Ken Rock)
  • "I Need Speed" 7" (2006, Big Brothel Communications)
  • "Stinking Memory" 7" (2007, Anthem)
  • "Substitute for the Flesh" 7" (2009, Burning Hell)

Compilation and Live albums[edit]

  • Brainbombs CD (1999, Load) (Known unofficially as Singles Collection)
  • Brainbombs CD (2007, Polly Maggoo) (Known unofficially as Singles Collection II)
  • Live at Smålands Nation, Lund, Sweden, May 29, 1993 LP (2008, Richie)


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