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FoundersJoe Gustafson
Waltham, MA
Key people
Greg Flynn, President and CEO Joe Gustafson, Founder & Chairman

Brainshark is a privately held technology company based in Waltham, Massachusetts that provides a sales enablement platform and product suite.


Brainshark provides Web-based applications and products, delivered via software as a service (SaaS), to help companies improve sales effectiveness and productivity. The company offers a sales enablement platform and product suite.[1]

The company’s core product is Brainshark, a sales enablement platform which helps organizations create dynamic content used for sales training, onboarding and coaching. [2]

Brainshark launched its coaching solution in February, 2016 [3]

To create a Brainshark, you upload a PowerPoint deck or other business content (e.g. document, image, or video) to the hosted site and then use the telephone or computer microphone to record voice narration.[4] You can add additional features such as polls, quizzes, attachments, etc.[5] The final presentation can be delivered via a Web link or can be embedded in a Web page, and you can track various statistics, including who viewed your presentation and time spent viewing it, and receive reports and alerts of viewing activity.[6]

In October 2011, Brainshark released SlideShark,[7] a mobile app for the Apple iPad[8] and Apple iPhone[9] that lets users properly display PowerPoint presentations on iOS devices, with animations, graphics, fonts, videos and hyperlinks intact.[10] You can also use SlideShark to share PowerPoint content online and track viewing behavior.[11] SlideShark's Broadcasting capabilities let mobile presenters invite in-person and remote meeting attendees to view their presentations live over the Web.[12] The "Presenter Mode" feature lets users view slide notes and thumbnails on the iPad while presenting – while the audience sees only the slide content on a separate screen.[13] The basic single-user version of SlideShark is free, with paid upgrades available, including SlideShark Team Edition, a version for businesses with enhanced content management and reporting features.[11]

Brainshark is used in a wide range of industries, including insurance,[14] healthcare,[15] financial services,[16] technology,[17] non-profit,[18] and others for training,[19] sales and marketing,[20] channel,[21] and corporate communications.[15]


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