Brainstorm (board game)

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Brainstorm is a quiz-style board game.

Brainstorm is a game for two to four players. The game uses a pile of question cards and a board. The board takes the form of a single line of squares from start to finish, and each player uses a coloured brain as his/her game counter. All counters start from the beginning square.

On each turn, the neighbour of the player in question is acting as the judge. The judge draws a question card from the pile. The question takes the form of a topic, and the player's task is to mention as many things fitting under that topic as possible, within one minute. After the time is up, the judge checks the player's answers against a checklist of ten answers on the question card. Every answer found on the checklist is worth one point. Some cards have italicised answers, these are worth two points each. The player's counter moves as many places forward as the player has scored points. Some places have special instructions to follow.

The first player to reach the finishing square wins.