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Brainstorms: Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology (MIT Press 1981; ISBN 9780262540377) is a book by the American philosopher Daniel Dennett. In these 17 essays, he reflects on the early achievements of artificial intelligence to develop his ideas on consciousness, theory of mind, and free will.

Table of Contents[edit]

Section I. Intentional Explanation and Attributions of Mentality

1. Intentional Systems

2. Reply to Arbib and Gunderson

3. Brain Writing and Mind Reading

Section II. The Nature of Theory in Psychology

4. Skinner Skinned

5. Why the Law of Effect Will Not Go Away

6. A Cure for the Common Code?

7. Artificial Intelligence as Philosophy and as Psychology

Section III. Objects of Consciousness and the Nature of Experience

8. Are Dreams Experiences?

9. Toward a Cognitive Theory of Consciousness

10. Two Approaches to Mental Images

11. Why You Can't Make a Computer that Feels Pain

Section IV. Free Will and Personhood

12. Mechanism and Responsibility

13. The Abilities of Men and Machines

14. Conditions of Personhood

15. On Giving Libertarians What They Say They Want

16. How to Change Your Mind

17. Where Am I?


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