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Birth name Joe Christie
Also known as Joey Brains
Brando Flux
Genres British hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, record producer
Years active 1990[1] - 2008[2]
Labels Low Life

Braintax was a British hip hop artist and producer. Joe Christie had also recorded or appeared under the pseudonyms Brando Flux and Joey Brains. All of his releases were on his own record label, Low Life Records.

Originally Braintax was a duo, consisting of Christie and DJ Test, who also contributed vocals and production. Test departed following the 1997 release of the Future Years EP and Christie retained the Braintax name; it has since become synonymous with him as a solo artist.[3] On the track "Monsoon Funk" on Panorama, Christie explained Braintax means "we can all get busy if we use our brains." Braintax's lyrics have made multiple references to spirituality, healthy eating, the state of hip hop music, environmentalism, and politics. On Mr. Scruff's 2002 album Trouser Jazz, Braintax was featured on the song "Vibrate".

In 2008 Braintax suddenly announced his retirement with the release of his final album titled My Last And Best Album and also the end of Low Life Records.[2]



Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Fat Head EP (1992)[8]
  • Future Years EP (1997)
  • The Travel Show EP (1999)
  • Hard Working EP (2000)
  • Don't Drag Me In (2001)
  • Riviera Hustle (2002)
  • Godnose (2002)
  • Chapter Seven - Verse Two EP "Out the Bunker" (2003)
  • D90 Rules (2006)
  • Run the Yards (2006)
  • Syriana Style (2006)


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