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Brainvoyager (Jos Verboven) in April 2016
Background information
Born (1962-07-17) 17 July 1962 (age 56)
OriginBerlicum, The Netherlands
GenresElectronic music
Space music
Berlin School
Occupation(s)Musician, producer
InstrumentsKeyboards, synthesizer, sequencer, drums, percussion
Years active2012–present

Brainvoyager is the artist name of Jos Verboven (born 17 July 1962) a Dutch electronic music composer and musician. As "Brainvoyager" he also hosts a weekly radio show Electronic Fusion on the British radio station West Star Radio Ltd.[1]

Brainvoyager released three albums: Dreamworld in 2012, Compilation in 2013 and Drifting Memories in 2014. In 2017 Brainvoyager produced the opening track and closing track for the compilation albums Voyage through the Brain and History of the Universe, both released by the record label Legacy Of Thought.[2]

In January 2017 the dance film A Touch of Oblivion was released. A Touch of Oblivion was released as a single music track in 2014. A choreography for this track made by two Dutch choreographers, was performed and filmed in the small Dutch theatre Het Raam in Hillegom.

Brainvoyager as a musician[edit]


In 1978 Brainvoyager bought his first electronic music album Timewind of Klaus Schulze. It was the start of a long period of being a listener to electronic music and a visitor of many concerts of electronic musicians like Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Bernd Kistenmacher, Ron Boots, Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana.[3]


In 2012 Brainvoyager became a musician himself. As an experienced listener for three and a half decades he learned the ropes. The name "Brainvoyager" represents the intention of his music: to enable the listener to make a 'voyage' within his or her own brain. The music of Brainvoyager is best described as a mixture of contemporary rhythms and hypnotic electronic ambiences, inspired by the model of retro Berlin School of electronic music.[4]

Brainvoyager as a radio host[edit]

West Star Radio Ltd. from the UK[edit]

In September 2015 Brainvoyager became crew member of the British radio station and music agency West Star Radio Ltd. For this radio station he hosts a weekly radio show Electronic Fusion. This radio show is dedicated to electronic music of all styles.[5]

Electronic Music Radio from Venezuela[edit]

Since April 2016 Electronic Fusion is also broadcast by the Venezuelan radio station Electronic Music Radio.[6]

Modul303 from Germany[edit]

Since the end of October 2016 Electronic Fusion is also broadcast by the German radio station Modul303.[7]


Solo albums[edit]

Year Title
2012 Dreamworld
2013 Compilation
2014 Drifting Memories

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Album title Track title
2017 Voyage through the Brain Nucleus Accumbens
2017 History of The Universe The Sun Forms

Single tracks[edit]

Year Title
2014 The Eternal Quest
2014 Floating Through Colorful Realms
2015 A Touch of Oblivion


Year Track title Collaborator
2014 Ébredés David Maeso


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