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Brainwaves is a single-panel cartoon series by Betsy Streeter, a cartoonist and writer who resides in Northern California, USA. "Brainwaves" began in 1993 as single cartoons published by King Features Syndicate through their feature, "The New Breed." After that, "Brainwaves" began to appear in numerous books and periodicals including the Daily Press in Newport News, Virginia. For a time "Brainwaves" was syndicated online by the Universal Press Syndicate on its GoComics site. Many "Brainwaves" cartoons are currently available through the agency located in the United Kingdom.

"Brainwaves" has been described as "a single-panel stream of consciousness about the infinite absurdity of everyday life". There are two collections in books, "Brainwaves: The First Wave," and "Brainwaves While U Wait."

Streeter is a regular contributor to the Funny Times.

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