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Brajamohan Jamatia (1905 – 2 March 2012) was an Indian politician. He was born and died in Manu.[1]

Jamatia was born in a tribal peasant family in southern Tripura. Being illiterate, he came into contact with the Janasiksha Samiti literacy movement.[1] In 1950 he became a member of the Communist Party of India. He was active in the struggle of Ganamukti Parishad, and became a member of the Central Committee of the organization. In the 1964 split in the party, he sided with the Communist Party of India (Marxist). He became a member of the Tripura State Committee of CPI(M).[1]

He was elected to the Tripura Legislative Assembly in 1977 and, again, in 1988.[1]

Jamatia spent several years underground. He was imprisoned eight times. He learned to read and write in prison. In total his jail terms lasted for close to a decade.[2]


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