Brak, Libya

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Brak is located in Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 27°32′45″N 14°16′7″E / 27.54583°N 14.26861°E / 27.54583; 14.26861
Country  Libya
Region Fezzan
District Wadi al Shatii
Elevation[1] 1,096 ft (334 m)
Population (2004)[1]
 • Total 39,444
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)

Brak (sometimes written Biraq[2] or Birak[3]) (Arabic: براك‎) is a town in the Wadi al Shatii District in west-central Libya. It is the administrative center of the district.


The town has a population of 39,444 (As of 2004) and is home to a technical college of Sabha University. Much of the new development in the town is occurring to the north of the old town center, which features gardens and forts from the Italian and Ottoman eras.

The technical college "Faculty of Engineering and Technology", now a college of Sebha University, was previously known as the "Higher Institute of Technology", and it is this college that gives much value to the town, as it is a well-known research and academic organization. The college comprises ten distinct departments; six of which are specialized in the engineering arm of the college, namely: Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Department of Chemistry and materials science, Department of design and architecture, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The other arm, the technical arm, has three departments: Department of Medical Lab Technology, Department of Food Science Technology, and Department of Environmental Sciences as well as Department of General Sciences. Graduates of this college are considered the best in the country, as the academic and technical rank of this college is both prestigious and well-known.[citation needed] There are plans to expand this college more to accommodate more students and staff and to have more departments and specialties.



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Coordinates: 27°32′45″N 14°16′07″E / 27.54583°N 14.26861°E / 27.54583; 14.26861