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The Bram Stoker Award for Novel is an award presented by the Horror Writers Association (HWA) for "superior achievement" in horror writing for novels.

Winners and nominees[edit]

Bram Stoker Award for Novel [1]
Year Recipient Title Citation
1987 Stephen King Misery Winner
1987 Robert R. McCammon Swan Song Winner
1987 Ray Garton Live Girls Nominee
1987 Kem Nunn Unassigned Territory Nominee
1987 Chet Williamson Ash Wednesday Nominee
1988 Thomas Harris The Silence of the Lambs Winner
1988 Robert R. McCammon Stinger Nominee
1988 F. Paul Wilson Black Wind Nominee
1988 Joe R. Lansdale The Drive-In Nominee
1988 Anne Rice The Queen of the Damned Nominee
1988 Richard Laymon Flesh Nominee
1989 Dan Simmons Carrion Comfort Winner
1989 Katherine Dunn Geek Love Nominee
1989 Charles L. Grant In a Dark Dream Nominee
1989 Dean R. Koontz Midnight Nominee
1989 Robert R. McCammon The Wolf's Hour Nominee
1990 Robert R. McCammon Mine Winner
1990 Richard Laymon Funland Nominee
1990 Chet Williamson Reign Nominee
1990 Joe R. Lansdale Savage Season Nominee
1991 Robert R. McCammon Boy's Life Winner
1991 Thomas M. Disch The M.D. Nominee
1991 Stephen King Needful Things Nominee
1991 Stephen King The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands Nominee
1991 Dan Simmons Summer of Night Nominee
1992 Thomas F. Monteleone Blood of the Lamb Winner
1992 Matthew Costello Homecoming Nominee
1992 Brian Hodge Deathgrip Nominee
1992 Dean R. Koontz Hideaway Nominee
1992 Dan Simmons Children of the Night Nominee
1993 Peter Straub The Throat Winner
1993 Kim Newman Anno Dracula Nominee
1993 Bradley Denton Blackburn Nominee
1993 Poppy Z. Brite Drawing Blood Nominee
1993 Bentley Little The Summoning Nominee
1994 Nancy Holder Dead in the Water Winner
1994 Caleb Carr The Alienist Nominee
1994 Jonathan Carroll From the Teeth of Angels Nominee
1994 Stephen King Insomnia Nominee
1994 Patrick McCabe The Butcher Boy Nominee
1995 Joyce Carol Oates Zombie Winner
1995 Billie Sue Mosiman Widow Nominee
1995 Yvonne Navarro Deadrush Nominee
1995 Alan Rodgers Bone Music Nominee
1996 Stephen King The Green Mile Winner
1996 Poppy Z. Brite Exquisite Corpse Nominee
1996 Owl Goingback Crota Nominee
1996 Peter Straub The Hellfire Club Nominee
1997 Janet Berliner & George Guthridge Children of the Dusk Winner
1997 Stephen Dobyns The Church of Dead Girls Nominee
1997 Tananarive Due My Soul to Keep Nominee
1997 Tim Powers Earthquake Weather Nominee
1998 Stephen King Bag of Bones Winner
1998 Dean R. Koontz Fear Nothing Nominee
1998 S. P. Somtow Darker Angels Nominee
1998 Thomas Tessier Fog Heart Nominee
1999 Peter Straub Mr. X Winner
1999 Owl Goingback Darker than Night Nominee
1999 Thomas Harris Hannibal Nominee
1999 Stephen King Low Men in Yellow Coats Nominee
1999 Tom Piccirilli Hexes Nominee
2000 Richard Laymon The Traveling Vampire Show Winner
2000 Gary A. Braunbeck The Indifference of Heaven Nominee
2000 Ramsey Campbell Silent Children Nominee
2000 Brian A. Hopkins The Licking Valley Coon Hunters Club Nominee
2000 Tom Piccirilli The Deceased Nominee
2001 Neil Gaiman American Gods Winner
2001 Ray Bradbury From the Dust Returned Nominee
2001 Jack Ketchum The Lost Nominee
2001 Stephen King & Peter Straub Black House Nominee
2002 Tom Piccirilli The Night Class Winner
2002 Douglas Clegg The Hour Before Dark Nominee
2002 Stephen King From a Buick 8 Nominee
2002 Chuck Palahniuk Lullaby Nominee
2002 Alice Sebold The Lovely Bones Nominee
2003 Peter Straub Lost Boy, Lost Girl Winner
2003 Stephen King The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla Nominee
2003 James A. Moore Serenity Falls Nominee
2003 Stewart O'Nan The Night Country Nominee
2003 Tom Piccirilli A Choir of Ill Children Nominee
2004 Peter Straub In the Night Room Winner
2004 P. D. Cacek The Wind Caller Nominee
2004 Stephen King The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower Nominee
2004 Michael Laimo Deep in the Darkness Nominee
2005 David Morrell Creepers Winner
2005 Charlee Jacob Dread in the Beast Winner
2005 Gary A. Braunbeck Keepers Nominee
2005 Tom Piccirilli November Mourns Nominee
2006 Stephen King Lisey's Story Winner
2006 Tom Piccirilli Headstone City Nominee
2006 Jonathan Maberry Ghost Road Blues Nominee
2006 Jeff Strand Pressure Nominee
2006 Gary A. Braunbeck Prodigal Blues Nominee
2007 Sarah Langan The Missing Winner
2007 Bruce Boston The Guardener's Tale Nominee
2007 Joe Hill Heart-Shaped Box Nominee
2007 Erika Mailman The Witch's Trinity Nominee
2007 Dan Simmons The Terror Nominee
2008 Stephen King Duma Key Winner
2008 Gary A. Braunbeck Coffin County Nominee
2008 Nate Kenyon The Reach Nominee
2008 Gregory Lamberson Johnny Gruesome Nominee
2009 Sarah Langan Audrey's Door Winner
2009 Jonathan Maberry Patient Zero Nominee
2009 Joe McKinney Quarantined Nominee
2009 Jeremy Shipp Cursed Nominee
2010 Peter Straub A Dark Matter Winner
2010 Joe Hill Horns Nominee
2010 Jonathan Maberry Rot & Ruin Nominee
2010 Linda Watanabe McFerrin Dead Love Nominee
2010 Joe McKinney Apocalypse of the Dead Nominee
2010 Jeff Strand Dweller Nominee
2011 Joe McKinney Flesh Eaters Winner
2011 Christopher Conlon A Matrix Of Angels Nominee
2011 Gregory Lamberson Cosmic Forces Nominee
2011 Ronald Malfi Floating Staircase Nominee
2011 Gene O'Neill Not Fade Away Nominee
2011 Lee Thomas The German Nominee
2012 Caitlin R. Kiernan The Drowning Girl Winner
2012 Lee Thomas The German Nominee
2012 Benjamin Kane Ethridge Bottled Abyss Nominee
2012 John Everson Nightwhere Nominee
2012 Joe McKinney Inheritance Nominee
2012 Bentley Little The Haunted Nominee
2013 Stephen King Doctor Sleep Winner
2013 Joe Hill NOS4A2 Nominee
2013 Lisa Morton Malediction Nominee
2013 Sarah Pinborough & F. Paul Wilson A Necessary End Nominee
2013 Christopher Rice The Heavens Rise Nominee
2014 Steve Rasnic Tem Blood Kin Winner
2014 Craig DiLouie Suffer the Children Nominee
2014 Patrick Freivald Jade Sky Nominee
2014 Chuck Palahniuk Beautiful You Nominee
2014 Christopher Rice The Vines Nominee
2015 Paul G. Tremblay A Head Full of Ghosts Winner
2015 Clive Barker The Scarlet Gospels Nominee
2015 Michaelbrent Collings The Deep Nominee
2015 JG Faherty The Cure Nominee
2015 Patrick Freivald Black Tide Nominee
2016 John Langan The Fisherman Winner
2016 Elizabeth Hand Hard Light Nominee
2016 Stephen Graham Jones Mongrels Nominee
2016 Bracken MacLeod Stranded Nominee
2016 Paul G. Tremblay Disappearance at Devil's Rock Nominee
2017 Christopher Golden Ararat Winner
2017 Stephen King & Owen King Sleeping Beauties Nominee
2017 Josh Malerman Black Mad Wheel Nominee
2017 S. P. Miskowski I Wish I Was Like You Nominee
2017 Steve Rasnic Tem Ubo Nominee
2018 Paul G. Tremblay The Cabin at the End of the World Winner
2018 Alma Katsu The Hunger Nominee
2018 Jonathan Maberry Glimpse Nominee
2018 Josh Malerman Unbury Carol Nominee
2018 Dacre Stoker & J. D. Barker Dracul Nominee
2019 Owl Goingback Coyote Rage Winner
2019 Josh Malerman Inspection Nominee
2019 Lee Murray Into the Ashes Nominee
2019 Chuck Wendig Wanderers Nominee
2019 S. P. Miskowski The Worst Is Yet to Come Nominee

Multiple winners[edit]

Multiple nominees[edit]

† indicates that the writer also won the award in one occasion.


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