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Temporal range: Late Miocene[1]-Pliocene
Bramatherium perimense skull.JPG
Bramatherium perimense skull
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Giraffidae
Genus: Bramatherium
Falconer, 1845
  • B. perimense (type)
    Falconer 1845
  • B. progressus
  • B. giganteus
    (Khan and Sarwar 2002)
  • B. megacephalum
    (Lydekker 1876)
  • B. grande
    (Lydekker 1880)
  • B. magnum
    (Pilgrim 1910)
  • B. suchovi
    Godina 1977

Bramatherium (Brahma’s beast) is an extinct genus of giraffe that ranged from India to Turkey in Asia. It is closely related to the larger Sivatherium.


Bramatherium perimense skull

The first part of the generic name, Brahma (Sanskrit masculine brahman-, nominative brahmā ब्रह्मा), is in reference to the Hindu god of creation. The second part, "therium", comes from the Greek word θηρίον (transliterated therion), meaning 'beast'.


Bramatherium was built very similarly to Sivatherium. Alive, it would have resembled a heavily built Okapi and had a crown-like set of four, radiating ossicones.

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