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The Brampton Indie Arts Festival was created by local musician Richard Marsella in 2000-2007, and restarting in 2011. It was conceived as an annual event to promote underground artists such as musicians, filmmakers, dancers and visual artists.

Although focusing on experimental and underground artists, the festival enjoyed sponsorship and support from a number of organizations including the City of Brampton. Mayor Susan Fennell has been on hand for opening nights to give her blessing to the festival.


The original location of the BIAF was the historic Heritage Theatre in downtown Brampton; with the construction of the new Rose Theatre and subsequent closing of the Heritage, the BIAF was moved to the Rose in 2006. 2007 was the first year without Marsalla at the helm, and the last year of the festival. Insiders have speculated that the new location was simply too big to fill, and the festival was doomed when it lost the intimate feel of the Heritage.

The annual event attracted artists both native to the Brampton area and remote, such as Nash the Slash, The Nihilist Spasm Band, Ron Sexsmith, Cuff the Duke, Bob Wiseman, John Oswald, Moneen, Scott Thompson, and Hayden. It also featured experimental arts and short films. A typical night at the festival could include bands, spoken word, art projects, prank calls, puppetry, film and special events such as the Börje Salming Hockey Cup or the Fifty Greatest Beards. All festivals from 2001 have been hosted by Curtains, the puppet MC, with guest host Scott Thompson making occasional appearances.



Bob Wiseman, Girl + the Machine, Child at Zoo, Escalate, Kevin Brow Quartet, Hayden, The Quadriplegic twelve, Jeff Straker, sitar player Anwar Khurshid, Maso Trio, Friendly Rich, The Vulcan Dub Squad, Paddington, The Shaved Asians, Five Blank Pages, Matthew Boughner, Nihilist Spasm Band

Visual and Multimedia Artists

Graham Thompson, Sonia Birk, Mary Rocque, Graham Pavey, Claudine Perrott, Hannah Jickling, Ryan Hughes, Beatrice EkwaEkoko, €Simon Mohos, Jason Reeves, Matthew Daley, Debbie O-Rourke, Tracy Terry, The Art of the Shaved Asians, Melissa Marr, Katherine McKellar, Adam Earle and Dave Anastasio, Lois Siegel, Michael Brown, Christine Douville, Darren Fernando, Laura Vegys, Ben Pinkney, The Brampton Comic Jam