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Map of Brampton's wards

The Brampton municipal election, 2006 took place on 13 November 2006, to elect a mayor, five regional councillors and five city councillors in the city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It was held in conjunction with all other municipalities in Ontario. See 2006 Ontario municipal elections.

It was referred to as CityVote 2006 by the City's website.

The nomination period ended on Friday 29 September 2006; thirty candidates registered in the two weeks prior. Six candidates withdrew after this point, before the cut-off of 5 pm Monday. There was a total of 96 candidates running for political office.

Over the various days of voting, 68,186 Brampton residents cast ballots; there were 226,869 registered voters in the city at the time.[1] This means there was a 30.8% turn-out.




Candidate Vote %
Susan Fennell (incumbent, winner) 51,036 74.8
Raj Sharda 9,585 14.1
John R. A. Moulton 4,007 5.9
Sunny Gandhi 2,343 3.4
Amjid Iqbal 1,215 1.8


Susan Fennell (incumbent)[edit]


Mayor Fennell served as a city councillor, then a regional councillor, prior to becoming Mayor.[2] She is currently a member of the Peel Regional Police Services Board,[3] Large Urban Mayors Caucus of Ontario,[4] the board of Hydro One Brampton,[5] the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance,[6] Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council,[7] and two time chair of the Infrastructure and Transportant Committee of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Previously she was commissioner of the National Women's Hockey League,[8] and involved in the Brampton Board of Trade, Downtown Business Improvement Area, and Sheridan College Board of Governors.[9]
Sunny Gandhi[edit]


Gandhi is a 29-year-old small business owner, with no previous political experience.[2]
Amjid Iqbal[edit]

GUARDIAN ARTICLE[permanent dead link], stating Iqbal did not participate in interviews.

Iqbal is a 35-year-old mortgage agent,[2] at one point he was an automobile trader.[10] The extent of Iqbal's previous political experience was a 2003 campaign for regional council, placing fourth out of four candidates with 5.74%.[11]
John R.A. Moulton[edit]

GUARDIAN INTERVIEW[permanent dead link]

Moulton is a 49-year-old "entrepreneur",[12] living in downtown Brampton. He is placed 170th out of 174 in the Canadian Classic Table Hockey Federation's rankings as of October 9, 2006.[13] Moulton described himself as a "clown" in the closing statements of a televised debate.[14] Fennell asked Moulton not to make such self-defacing comments. Moulton's only other comments were regarding the level of Fennell's campaign donations, a practice he does not participate in, feeling it leads to bias; Fennell defends the process, stating it essentially to letting citizens know of her platform.
Moulton previously lost to incumbent Grant Gibson in 2003, when aiming to be elected as Regional Council member 1 & 5. Little press, if any, was given to Moulton at that time.
Moulton left no contact information for the voting public on the City's election website,[15] and little to no information is available on him online.
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Raj Sharda[edit]


Rajneesh Sharda is a 40-year-old lawyer.[2] He was appointed as a replacement councillor for both the Town of Oakville and the Halton Region, upon retirement of the Ward 2 representative,[16] serving from June to 30 November 2000.[17] Sharda serves as a provincial adjudicator on the Ontario Consent and Capacity Board,[18] is immediate past president of the Halton Multicultural Council,[19] and was once on the board of the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly.[20] He is legal advisor for the Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre[21] and the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce,[22] He was endorsed for mayor by the Toronto Star on November 6, 2006.[23]

Media participation[edit]

  • The Brampton Guardian: Susan Fennell, Sunny Gandhi, John Moulton, and Raj Sharda participated in interviews with the Guardian. The newspaper was unable to attract Amjid Iqbal, despite multiple attempts.[24]
  • Rogers Television: Susan Fennell, John Moulton, and Raj Sharda all participated in a televised debate for Rogers Cable. Sunny Gandhi had accepted, but declined when he found out the interview wasn't public; Amjid Iqbal gave the Brampton Guardian no reason for his absence. The program repeats frequently on channel 10 for any Rogers subscriber in Brampton.
  • Wikinews: None of the five candidates have completed interviews for Wikinews. Raj Sharda's campaign had promised a response, but nothing has been received. John Moulton replied, denying an interview. Campaign offices for Susan Fennell, Sunny Gandhi, and Amjid Iqbal did not reply.
  • The Brampton News: Playwright columnist T. Gregory Argall emailed all of his council candidates, as well as the mayoral noms. Not revealing he was writing for the News. Moulton and Sharda replied via email. Gandhi and Fennell both arrived at his house. As per routine, Iqbal did not reply in any fashion. Note that all Wikinews articles were republished on The Brampton News.[25]

Wards 1, 5[edit]

Regional council[edit]

Long-time incumbent Elaine Moore had three people interested in replacing her as Regional Councillor; she won her re-election with a strong majority.

Candidate Vote %
Bill Bousfield 692 6.69
Janet Hamilton 1620 15.67
Tejinder Lamba 847 8.19
Elaine Moore, incumbent, winner OFFICIAL WEBSITE 7182 69.45

City council[edit]

Incumbent Grant Gibson had six candidates challenging his re-election; he was re-elected by over half of participating voters. Gibson had held the seat for more than a decade, as of the election day.

Among his challengers was Stephanie Beaumier, daughter of Brampton West MP Colleen Beaumier. As he dropped out of the campaign after nomination lists were finalised, Malcolm Jones' name still appeared on the ballots. Despite no longer officially running, he took fourth place, out of seven.

Candidate Vote %
Stephanie Beaumier OFFICIAL WEBSITE[permanent dead link] 3215 30.84
Grant Gibson, incumbent, winner 5335 51.17
Malcolm Jones OFFICIAL WEBSITE 320 3.07
Larry Lee OFFICIAL WEBSITE 256 2.46
Jeffrey Schrik OFFICIAL WEBSITE 194 1.86
Jagtar Shergill OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1034 9.92
Whoston Wray 72 0.69

Wards 2, 6[edit]

Regional council[edit]

One of the longest sitting incumbents, Paul Palleschi had five people attempting to take him out of office. Palleschi received roughly 45% of the vote.

Candidate Vote %
Vicky Colbourne OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1767 14.00
David Esho OFFICIAL WEBSITE 548 4.34
Curtis Grant OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1653 13.10
Chuck Jeffrey OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1396 11.06
Paul Palleschi, incumbent, winner 5766 45.68
Tejinder Singh 1493 11.83

City council[edit]

Incumbent John Hutton had ten candidates challenging his re-election, the most of any riding. Due to the berth of competition, he was only re-elected with 27% support. Among the challengers was Doug Whillans, son of Ken Whillans, a former Brampton mayor. As of election day, Hutton had held the seat for 21 years.

Candidate Vote %
Derrick Coke OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1768 13.70
Jassi Dhillon 185 1.43
Navdeep Gill WEBSITE UNARCHIVED[permanent dead link] 1790 13.87
Ralph Irving Greene 1466 11.36
Jim Howell 535 4.15
John A. Hutton, incumbent, winner 3552 27.53
Adrian Avinash Lalla 45 0.35
Paul Mangat 142 1.10
Mathew Njenga OFFICIAL WEBSITE 454 3.52
Joyce Rodriguez OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1175 9.11
Doug Whillans ARCHIVED OFFICIAL WEBSITE[permanent dead link] 1792 13.89

Wards 3, 4[edit]

Regional council[edit]

Businessman and 2005 Brampton Citizen of the Year John Sanderson beat incumbent Susan DiMarco. One of four challengers, Sanderson had previous run and lost for the same ward in 2003. With a mere 292 votes dividing them, the race between Sanderson and DiMarco was the last to be declared in all of Peel.

Candidate Vote %
Tibor Bankuti 181 1.22
Susan DiMarco, incumbent OFFICIAL WEBSITE 5431 36.60
Theo Goary 463 3.12
John Sanderson, winner OFFICIAL WEBSITE 5723 38.56
Sukhwant Thethi OFFICIAL WEBSITE 3042 20.50
Note, Tejinder Singh Bhatta has withdrawn from the race.

City council[edit]

Incumbent Bob Callahan easily won this race. Once an MPP, Callahan won over his nearest competitor by 33.36%.

Babra's second-place finish was unexpected, as while he participated in a Brampton Guardian interview, he did not reply to The Toronto Star or The Brampton News/Wikinews. His email address was inactive throughout the duration of his campaign.

Candidate Vote %
Balbir Babra 3212 21.94
Manny Bianchi-Morfino 264 1.80
Bob Callahan, incumbent, winner 8094 55.30
Dolly Khokhar 289 1.97
Maria Peart 585 4.00
Tim Turcott 251 1.71
Innocent Watat 61 0.42
Sheila White OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1881 12.85
Note, Ernie Macdonald has withdrawn from the race.

Wards 7, 8[edit]

Regional council[edit]

Long-time incumbent Gael Miles easily won the election for regional councillor (Wards 7 and 8), against political newcomer John Villella.

Candidate Vote %
Gael Miles, incumbent OFFICIAL WEBSITE 11071 87.67
John Villella OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1557 12.33

City council[edit]

Incumbent Sandra Hames won with little trouble, garnering also three out of every four votes.

Candidate Vote %
Khalid Alvi as "K. Alvi", ran in 2003 election for city wards 7 & 8 1069 8.49
Tom Armstrong 1269 10.07
Sandra Hames, incumbent OFFICIAL WEBSITE 9317 73.96
Vaughn Parker 212 1.68
John B. Spry, ran in 2003 election for wards 9 & 10. 730 5.80
Note, Curtis Grant and Oscar R. Odulio have both withdrawn from the race.

Wards 9, 10[edit]

Regional council[edit]

Incumbent John Sprovieri had six candidates challenging his re-election, which he won with 44.91% support. Among the challengers is Derek Begley, son of retired regional councillor Rhoda Begley. Johal is known in the ward as a star candidate.[26]

Candidate Vote %
Derek Begley OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1364 8.25
Sherdaljit Dhillon 2148 12.99
Mahen Gupta 760 4.60
Satpaul Johal 3707 22.42
Dalbir S. Kathuria 995 6.02
Vahid Saadati-Khanshir 133 0.80
John Sprovieri, incumbent, winner OFFICIAL WEBSITE 7425 44.91

City council[edit]

Garnett Manning had five people contesting his seat, which he eventually lost to Vicky Dhillon. Manning had beat Dhillon by a slim amount in the 2003 election. At time of election, Dhillon was the Brampton—Springdale riding association president for the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario); it is unknown if he will retain this position. Among the other candidates was Daljit Gill, a one-term Peel District School Board trustee.

Candidate Vote %
Stella Ambler OFFICIAL WEBSITE 4029 23.80
Mandeep Dhaliwal OFFICIAL WEBSITE 2879 17.01
Vicky Dhillon, winner OFFICIAL WEBSITE 4700 27.77
Daljit Gill 620 3.66
Nalem Malik 439 2.59
Garnett Manning, incumbent ARCHIVED OFFICIAL WEBSITE 4259 25.16
Note, Iqbal Dhillon, David A. Esho, and Whoston Wray have all withdrawn from the race.

Peel District School Board[edit]

The Peel District School Board runs a website about its trustees and their roles.

Wards 1, 3[edit]

Note, Laura J. Zilney has withdrawn from the race.

Wards 2, 9, 10[edit]

There is no incumbent in these wards, as one-term trustee Daljit Gill is running for city council.

Note, Mahesh Malhi, Pretam Kaur Purewal, Maninder Singh, and Raguhbir Singh have all withdrawn from the race.

Wards 4, 5, 6[edit]

Wards 7, 8[edit]

Beryl Ford is the only person elected by acclamation to any political seat in Brampton; this is her eighth term as a trustee.[27]

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board[edit]

Wards 1, 3, 4[edit]

There is no incumbent in these wards.

  • Tony Da Silva
  • Shirley Packalen
  • Steven Thomas, ran in 2003 election for wards 1, 3 & 4

Wards 2, 5, 6[edit]

Debates in this ward received extremely small audiences. Eleven, then six people showed up to two separate evenings.[28]

  • Frank Turner
  • Linda Zanella, incumbent

Wards 7, 8, 9, 10[edit]

There is no incumbent in these wards.

  • Joyce Anderson
  • Lety Armstrong
  • Janice Gordon
  • Jeffrey Grima
  • Carmela Marino

Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest[edit]

None of the incumbents are seeking re-election

Candidate Vote %
Mark David de Pelham 53 46.90
Christine Guindy 60 53.10

Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud[edit]

Candidate Vote %
Anne Burke-Gauthier 183 55.29
Yvonne Musau Kabeya 65 19.64
Rene Riopel 83 25.08


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