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Bramshott Military Camp, often simplified to Camp Bramshott, was a temporary army camp set up on Bramshott Common, Hampshire, England during both the First and Second World Wars.

Camp Bramshott was one of three facilities in the Aldershot Command area established by the Canadian Army. The permanent facility on both occasions was at the British Army's Bordon Military Camp. Bramshott was one of two temporary camps set-up for additional accommodation in the lead-up to D-Day, along with Witley Camp.

There were five Canadian camps in the immediate vicinity of Camp Bramshott, each one given the name of one of the Great Lakes:

  • Huron and Ontario Camps were located on Bramshott Common near the Portsmouth Road
  • Superior Camp was located at the Grayshott end of Ludshott Common
  • Erie Camp was located at Headley Down, in the area now occupied by Heatherlands estate.
  • Connaught Military Hospital was located on Bramshott Common, adjacent to the A3 Trunk road

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