Bran Mutimirović

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Bran Mutimirović
Knez of Serbia
Predecessor Mutimir
Issue Pavle Branović
House House of Vlastimirović
Father Mutimir
Religion Christian

Bran Mutimirović (Latin: Branus) was a Serbian royalty, son of Serbian ruler Mutimir.

He and Stefan escorted Khan Boris to the Rascian-Bulgar border after the Serbs successfully fought off the Khan's army in an attempted revenge to the defeat of Presian years earlier by their grandfather Vlastimir. Bran and Stefan were given presents for the escort, and in turn gifted 2 slaves, 2 falcons, 2 dogs and 80 furs as a symbol of friendship, the Bulgars were pleased with the tribute.[1]

After the death of his father Mutimir, his elder brother Prvoslav took the Serbian crown, but was after a year deposed by their cousin Petar Gojniković and fled with Bran and Stefan to Croatia. Three years after the accession of Petar, Bran rebelled against him, but was captured and blinded.

He was married and had a son, Pavle Branović.[2]


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Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Pretender to the Serbian throne

Succeeded by
Pribislav deposed by
Petar I