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A branch is a part of a woody plant.

Branch or branching may also refer to:


  • Branch (computer science), a point in a computer program where program-flow may change depending on a condition
    • Branch predictor, the part of a processor that determines whether a conditional branch in the instruction flow of a program is likely to be taken or not
    • Branch table, an efficient method of transferring program control (branching) to another part of a program using a table of branch instructions
    • Indirect branch, a type of program control instruction
  • Branching (revision control), a way of duplicating an object under revision control

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  • Branch point, a point at which a multiple-valued function changes values
  • Principal branch, a function which selects one branch of a multi-valued function
  • Branching process, a kind of stochastic process
  • In graph theory, a path is a sequence of edges connecting nodes in a graph or tree
  • In set theory, a maximal chain in a tree






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