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The Brand–Watts Ministry was the 23rd Ministry of the Government of Western Australia, led by Liberal Premier David Brand and his deputy, Country Party leader Arthur Watts. It succeeded the Hawke ministry on 2 April 1959, following the defeat of the Labor government at the 1959 election twelve days earlier. It was succeeded by the Brand–Nalder Ministry on 1 February 1962 following the Deputy Premier's retirement from politics.

The Ministry[edit]

On 2 April 1959, the Governor, Sir Charles Gairdner, constituted the Ministry. He designated 10 principal executive offices of the Government and appointed the following ministers to their positions, who served until the end of the Ministry.[1]

The list below is ordered by decreasing seniority within the Cabinet, as indicated by the Government Gazette and the Hansard index. Blue entries indicate members of the Liberal Party, whilst green entries indicate members of the National Country Party. The members of the Ministry were:

Office Minister

Minister for Tourism

David Brand, MLA

Deputy Premier
Minister for Education
Minister for Electricity

Arthur Watts, MLA

Minister for Industrial Development
Minister for the North-West
Minister for Railways

Charles Court, OBE, MLA

Minister for Agriculture

Crawford Nalder, MLA

Minister for Works
Minister for Water Supplies

Gerald Wild, MLA

Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council
Minister for Mines
Minister for Housing

Arthur Griffith, MLC

Minister for Lands
Minister for Forests
Minister for Immigration
Minister for Labour (from 16 November 1961)

William Bovell, MLA

Minister for Transport
Minister for Police
Minister for Labour
Minister for Native Welfare

Charles Perkins, MLA
(until 7 November 1961)

Chief Secretary
Minister for Health
Minister for Fisheries

Ross Hutchinson, DPC, MLA

Minister for Local Government
Minister for Town Planning
Minister for Child Welfare

Leslie Logan, MLC

Minister for Transport
Minister for Police
Minister for Native Welfare

George Cornell, MLA
(from 16 November 1961)[2]


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Preceded by
Hawke Ministry
Brand–Watts Ministry
Succeeded by
Brand–Nalder Ministry