The Brand New Heavies (album)

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The Brand New Heavies
Studio album by
GenreAcid jazz
LabelAcid Jazz Records
ProducerThe Brand New Heavies
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars [1]

The Brand New Heavies is the debut album by British acid jazz and funk group The Brand New Heavies.

Original release (UK only)[edit]

The Brand New Heavies (Original UK only release)
BNH AcidJazz.jpg
Studio album by
LabelAcid Jazz Records
Singles from The Brand New Heavies
  1. "People Get Ready"
    Released: 1989 (UK only)
  2. "Dream Come True"
    Released: 1990 (UK only)

After signing with Acid Jazz, the band released "People Get Ready" as a vinyl single backed with "Gimme One Of Those". Their next release, in 1990, was the single "Dream Come True" featuring Jay Williamson, then known as Jay Ella Ruth, on vocals. The same year, the band released their self-titled debut on Acid Jazz Records in a largely instrumental version. An expanded edition of this version of the album was released through BGP Records in 2007.[2]

Track listing[edit]

1."BNH" 5:55
2."Gimmie One of Those" 3:43
3."Dream Come True"Jay Ella Ruth4:53
4."Put the Funk Back in It" 3:26
5."People Get Ready" 3:47
6."Ride in the Sky"Jay Ella Ruth3:20
7."Sphynx" 6:14
8."Stay This Way"Jay Ella Ruth4:14
9."Shake Down" 4:20

North American version[edit]

The Brand New Heavies (North American version)
The Brand New Heavies (North American version).jpg
Studio album by
LabelDelicious Vinyl Records (1991)
Singles from The Brand New Heavies (North American version)
  1. "Stay This Way"
    Released: 1991
  2. "Never Stop"
    Released: 1991
  3. "Dream Come True"
    Released: 1992

The 1991 US release of The Brand New Heavies on Delicious Vinyl Records reached #17 on the Billboard R&B Album charts.[3] The release brought the band to prominence with the success of the singles "Never Stop" and "Dream Come True." The former of the two reached #3 on the US Billboard R&B singles chart.[3] Much of their success was due in part to singer N'Dea Davenport's charismatic vocal performance and stage presence. Davenport's version of "Stay This Way" was also released as a single and reached #19 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart.[3]

Track listing[edit]

1."BNH" 5:55
2."Dream Come True"N'Dea Davenport4:53
3."People Get Ready"N'Dea Davenport3:47
4."Never Stop"N'Dea Davenport4:13
5."Put the Funk Back in It" 3:19
6."Gimme One of Those" 3:42
7."Ride in the Sky"N'Dea Davenport3:24
8."Sphynx" 4:47
9."Stay This Way"N'Dea Davenport5:43
10."Shake Down" 4:19

Re-release (International version)[edit]

The Brand New Heavies (International version)
Studio album by
Singles from The Brand New Heavies (International version)
  1. "Dream Come True '92"
    Released: 1992
  2. "Ultimate Trunk Funk – The EP"
    Released: 1992
  3. "Don't Let It Go to Your Head"
    Released: 1992
  4. "Stay This Way"
    Released: 1992

In 1992 the album was released in Europe and re-released in the UK. This version of the album is a modified version of the US version, likewise with N'Dea Davenport on vocals. It opens with a new, long mix of "Dream Come True". The Heavies' own remixes of "Stay This Way" and "Ride In The Sky" replace the US versions. The David Morales remix of "Never Stop", taken from the US single, is also included. The remix was released as single also in Europe on Acid Jazz, during the transition the Heavies moved from Acid Jazz to FFRR. The first fully FFRR Heavies release was "Ultimate Trunk Funk - The EP", with the same Morales mix of "Never Stop" as the lead track.

Though the instrumental "Shake Down" is left off, this version adds a cover of the 1978 Philly soul gem by Jean Carne,[4] "Don't Let It Go To Your Head", also released as single in Europe. A new version of the Heavies' debut single "Got To Give" with new vocals by Davenport and Jan Kincaid closes the album. Though N'Dea was not originally a member of the group, by the time of this 1992 re-release she was shown on the cover of the album with the band and her own feature credit.

Track listing[edit]

1."Dream Come True"N'Dea Davenport7:47
2."Stay This Way" (The Heavy 7")N'Dea Davenport4:10
3."People Get Ready"N'Dea Davenport3:47
4."Never Stop" (Morales Remix Single Edit)N'Dea Davenport3:55
5."Put the Funk Back in It" 3:20
6."Don't Let It Go to Your Head"N'Dea Davenport3:49
7."BNH" 5:55
8."Ride in the Sky"N'Dea Davenport3:43
9."Gimme One of Those" 3:43
10."Sphynx" 6:11
11."Got to Give"N'Dea Davenport, Jan Kincaid4:26


The Brand New Heavies

  • Simon Bartholomew – guitar, vocals
  • N'Dea Davenport (1991) – vocals
  • Lascelles Gordon (1991) – percussion, guitar
  • Jan Kincaid – drums, keyboards
  • Jay Ella Ruth (1990) – vocals
  • Andrew Levy – bass, keyboards, writer & producer
  • Jim Wellman (1991) – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, keyboards


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