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The Brandbergen Mosque, officially the Islamic Association in Brandbergen is a mosque located in Brandbergen, Haninge Municipality, south of Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2004 an Arabic-language manual, which carried the logo and address of the Brandbergen Mosque, was spread on the internet. The manual described the construction of simple chemical weapons, including how to build a chemical munition from an ordinary artillery round.[1] On December 7, 2006, the Swedish citizen Mohamed Moumou, who is described by the United States Department of the Treasury as an "uncontested leader of an extremist group centered around the Brandbergen Mosque in Stockholm", was put on the United Nations Security Council Committee 1267 list of foreign terrorists.[2]

In November 2006 the Islamic Association got permission to build a Muslim Cultural Center next to the city center. The cultural center will include an assembly hall, library, restaurant, gyms and baths.[3] It is meant to serve as a meeting place for the area's Muslims, as well as other residents.[4]


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