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Brandon Graham
Born1976 (age 44–45)
Area(s)Writer, Penciller, Inker, Letterer
Notable works
King City, Multiple Warheads, Prophet, Island

Brandon Graham (born 1976 in Oregon) is an American comic book creator.


Born in Oregon, Graham grew up in Seattle, Washington, where he was a graffiti artist.[1] He wrote and illustrated comic books for Antarctic Press and Radio Comix, but got his start drawing pornographic comics such as Pillow Fight, Perverts of the Unknown and the initial issue of Multiple Warheads (Warheads would go on to become an ongoing, more mainstream comic published by Oni Press in 2007).[2] In 1997, he moved to New York City where he found work with NBM Publishing and became a founding member of comics collective Meathaus. His book Escalator was published by Alternative Comics in January 2005, when he returned to Seattle. His book King City was published by Tokyopop in 2007 and was nominated for an Eisner Award.[3] In May 2009 Graham announced that King City would continue publication at Image Comics and his Oni Press title Multiple Warheads would resume publication after a delay, this time in color.[4]

At Image he led the revival of Prophet, a sci-fi reboot of Rob Liefeld's 1990s series, with a rotating roster of artists including Giannis Milonogiannis, Farel Dalrymple, and Simon Roy.[5][6][7]


Early work[edit]

  • October Yen #1-3 (w/a, Antarctic Press, 1996)
  • A-Bomb vol. 2 #1: "Blueprints" (w/a, anthology, Anthill, 1999)
  • Meathaus #4-8 (w/a, anthology, Meathaus Press, 2001–2006)
  • Radio Comix:
    • Milk! #7: "Paris Paris" (w/a, anthology, 1998)
    • Universe So Big #1-2 (w/a, 1999)
    • Mangaphile (w/a, anthology):
      • "Gone Fishin" (in #13, 2001)
      • "True Crime" (in #14, 2001)
  • Sizzle (w/a, anthology, NBM Publishing):
    • "Perverts of the Unknown" (in #13-15, 2002) collected as Perverts of the Unknown (tpb, 64 pages, Eurotica, 2003, ISBN 1-56163-374-7)
    • "Multiple Warheadz" (in #18, 2003) collected in Complete Multiple Warheads (tpb, 208 pages, Image, 2013, ISBN 1-6070-6840-0)
    • "Pillow Fight" (in #24-28, 2004–2005) collected as Pillow Fight (tpb, 48 pages, Amerotica, 2006, ISBN 1-56163-481-6)
  • Heavy Metal Sci-Fi Special #2: "Devil and the Deep" (w/a, HM Communications, 2004)

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