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Brandon Massey (born June 9, 1973) is an American writer of thriller fiction, specializing in the horror and suspense genres. He is the author of several published novels, short story collections, and the editor of three anthologies. Massey lives with his family near Atlanta, Georgia. He is a winner of the Gold Pen Award.

Early life[edit]

Massey was born in Waukegan, Illinois, and grew up in Zion, a suburb north of Chicago.[1]


Many of Massey's works are set in and around Atlanta and in the Deep South. His novels frequently incorporate elements of horror, suspense, and the supernatural. His work is known to produce taut, chilling thrillers. Massey's stories are eminent for including contemporary African-American life in both urban and southern gothic settings. Among his most significant novels representing these elements are Thunderland, Dark Corner, Within the Shadows, and The Other Brother.

"I became addicted to that adrenaline rush that you get when you're watching a horror movie, or reading a chilling novel. And when I got serious about writing, I was drawn to create these kind of stories, to experience that rush and share it with others."[1]


Several of Massey's earliest novels were published by Kensington Books under its Dafina imprint. His subsequent works have been published by Dark Corner Publishing, which is Massey's own independent publishing company.


  • Thunderland (1999)
  • Dark Corner (2004)
  • Dark Dreams (As Editor) (2004)
  • Within the Shadows (2005)
  • Dark Dreams II: Voices From the Other Side (As Editor) (2006)
  • Twisted Tales (2006)
  • The Other Brother (2006)
  • Vicious (2006)
  • Dark Dreams III: Whispers in the Night (As Editor) (2006)
  • The Last Affair (2007) (Erotica novel written under the pen name Rachee)
  • Don't Ever Tell (2008)
  • The Ancestors (2009) (Collection of African-American horror short stories by Brandon Massey, Tananarive Due, and L.A. Banks)
  • Covenant (2010)
  • Darker The Night: Collection (2011)
  • Darkness To Come (2013)
  • In The Dark (2014)
  • Frenzied (2017)
  • Nana (2018)


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