Brandon School and Residential Treatment Center

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Brandon School & Residential Treatment Center
Natick, Massachusetts
United States
Coordinates 42°19′10″N 71°20′20″W / 42.3194°N 71.3388°W / 42.3194; -71.3388Coordinates: 42°19′10″N 71°20′20″W / 42.3194°N 71.3388°W / 42.3194; -71.3388
Established 1966
Executive Director Timothy M. Callahan, Ed. D.
Enrollment 100
Student to teacher ratio 4:1

The Brandon School and Residential Treatment Center is a center that provides educational, emotional, and behavioral health services to boys and their families. Brandon has developed a Rapid Firesetting Treatment Program, Intensive Firesetting Treatment Program, and works with various partners to host an annual Juvenile Firesetting conference.[1] Students come to Brandon with a range of educational, emotional and behavioral difficulties and are provided with individualized treatment plans whilst achieving academic skills.

Northeast Juvenile Firesetting Conference[edit]

In collaboration with various public and private sector partners, Brandon hosts the annual Northeast Juvenile Firesetting Conference,[1] which brings together the different disciplines impacted by juvenile firesetting. During this time, social service, fire service, public safety, juvenile justice, education, burn care, and mental health professionals attend workshops by national experts to learn how to more effectively intervene in and prevent juvenile firesetting.


The Brandon campus is located in Natick, Massachusetts, which hosts walking paths, sports fields, gardens and a ropes course. On-site medical services include psychiatry, nursing and dentistry. Campus residences consist of four colonial style homes and one residential wing.

Off-campus are three community-based houses where some of the students of Brandon School attend public school and hold jobs in the community. Brandon's Campus


Brandon's Gym

Brandon residents participate in many pro-social, extracurricular activities, both indoor and outdoor, on and off campus.

Community snapshot[edit]

Type: Private

Number of Months Open: 12

Number of Days Open: 365

Affiliations: MAAPS (Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools) [1]

Licensed By: Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC, Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE)

Population summary[edit]

Enrollment: Males

Age: 7-17 upon admission

Staff / Student Ratio: 1:3

Number of Students: 85 Residential/25 Day

Awards and recognition[edit]


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