Brandon Transit

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Brandon Transit
Brandon Transit logo.png
Slogan "People Moving People"
Founded 1955
Headquarters 900 Richmond Avenue E.
Locale Brandon, MB
Service area Urban Area
Service type bus service, paratransit
Routes 10
Hubs 2
Fleet 23
Fuel type Diesel

Brandon Transit is the municipally operated bus service in Brandon; the second largest city in the Province of Manitoba, Canada. Public transportation began in the city in 1913 when the Brandon Municipal Railway started their streetcar service, with bus operations being introduced in 1932 after the MacArthur Transportation Company Limited assumed the service. Brandon Transit started up in 1955, initially with a private operator, which the city took over two years later.[1]


Fixed bus routes and Handi-Transit operate seven days a week. [2]

Regular Routes[edit]

  • 1 - Richmond West
  • 4 - Trans Canada
  • 5 - Assiniboine
  • 6 - Victoria East
  • 9 - 18th Street South
  • 10 - Central Belt
  • 11/12 - Industrial via Maple Leaf
  • 20/21 - City Circular
  • ACC North Campus Shuttle

Charter Routes[edit]

  • 22 N/E Festival Route
  • 23 S Festival Route

(Routes 22/23 only run during the [2])


Handi-Transit Service provides door-to-door transportation for passengers with a disability who are unable to use the regular bus service. Clients must be registered to make use of the service.


All members of the Brandon University Students' Union[3] (on the Brandon campus) and Assiniboine Community College Student Association[4] receive an annual Universal Bus Pass (UPass) through their student card.

Bio-diesel project[edit]

Originally this was a demonstration project to test one bus using fuel made entirely from waste restaurant fryer oil; the bus was running on 100% bio-diesel with no petro-diesel at all. Now that the feasibility has been proven, the goal was to eventually operate part of the fleet only using city restaurant waste products.[5]

The Bio-Diesel test was discontinued in 2009 when the demonstration unit caught fire. The fire was not related to the Bio-diesel, it was revealed to be an electrical fire. This bus was also the last Orion I in service.[6]

Fleet Roster[edit]

Number Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
9-12 2008 ElDorado National EZ Rider II MAX Cummins ISB Allison B300R Spares
49-50 2002 New Flyer Industries D40LF Cummins ISC Allison B400R
51-54 2010 New Flyer Industries D40LFR Cummins ISL Allison B400R
55-61 2010 New Flyer Industries D35LFR Cummins ISL Allison B400R First Canadian order of D35LFR's
67-80 2016 Novabus Novabus LFS Cummins ISL


Transit Operations[edit]

Address: 900 Richmond Avenue East
Coordinates: 49°49′36″N 99°55′31.5″W / 49.82667°N 99.925417°W / 49.82667; -99.925417
Facilities: Head office and bus maintenance

Information Centre[edit]

Address: 800 Rosser Avenue
Coordinates: 49°50′54″N 99°56′55.6″W / 49.84833°N 99.948778°W / 49.84833; -99.948778
Facilities: Information, maps, tickets, passes, etc.

Downtown Bus Mall[edit]

Address: 8th Street, between Rosser Ave and Pacific Ave.
Coordinates: 49°50′56″N 99°56′54.3″W / 49.84889°N 99.948417°W / 49.84889; -99.948417
Facilities: shelters, benches
Bus bays: 8

Richmond Terminal[edit]

Address: Richmond Avenue, west of 18th Street
Coordinates: 49°49′38.8″N 99°57′48.5″W / 49.827444°N 99.963472°W / 49.827444; -99.963472
Facilities: shelters, benches
Bus bays: 4


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