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Brandon University Students' Union
Institution Brandon University
Location Brandon, Manitoba
Established 1969
President Nick Brown[1]
Vice presidents Jillian Creasor[2] (VP Internal)
Trevor Dean Poole[3] (VP External)
Members ~3,200
Affiliations CFS
Employees 5

The Brandon University Students' Union (BUSU) represents undergraduate, graduate, and distance students at Brandon University (BU) in Manitoba, Canada. BUSU is a not-for-profit organization that represents approximately 3,200 students.[4] BUSU was incorporated in 1969, and joined the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) as Local 37 in 1984.

BUSU hosts a variety of events such as speakers, socials, and free food giveaways as well as organizing orientation events at the beginning of each September and January.

BUSU is contracted by the Knowles-Douglas Commission to maintain the day-to-day operations of the Knowles-Douglas Centre, which includes the campus bookstore, Headlines Hair Studio, Forbidden Flavors, and Look Music as tenants.

The BUSU office is located on the first floor of the Knowles-Douglas Centre at Brandon University.


The BUSU office functions as the central lost and found for BU. Each year the students' union produces ~3,000 student planners, which are available to students for free. The handbook provides information about the university and the students' union along with a weekly calendar for students to track course assignments and all of their extra curricular activities. BUSU and BU each contribute $15,000 annually to the work study program annually. The funding is granted to professors and other members of the BU Community to hire students to assist in research projects, or in other engagement with the local community.

BUSU and BU each contribute $6,000 annually to the Student Travel & Conference Fund. This service is intended to assist students in covering their travel expenses and conference fees associated with participation in off-campus learning experiences. BUSU works closely with the BU Career Planning office and other employers to provide students with a current website for part-time and summer jobs. In 2015 the Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association (ACCSA) and BUSU began a partnership to implement a student discount program with participating businesses throughout out Brandon.

Between May 2015 and April 2016 over 300 hampers were distributed helping almost 900 people by the food bank. Every year BUSU hosts the Halloween Food Drive. Student clubs from BU compete to collect the most weight of non-perishable food by trick-or-treating around Brandon. In 2008, Brandon University students voted in favor of creating a Health and Dental Plan for students who do not have alternative coverage. BUSU administers the Health and Dental plan provided by C&C Insurance and Student VIP.


BUSU funds, houses, and helps organize four[5] Collectives on the BU campus. The Collectives have guaranteed funding from BUSU each year and deal primarily with topics of gender, expression, diversity, nationality, and inclusion.

  • Womens' Collective[6]
  • LGBTTQ* Collective[7]
  • Brandon University Aboriginal Student Council[8]
  • International Students' Organisation[9]


The following are fees collected by BUSU through the Brandon University.

  • Brandon University Students’ Union Membership: This fee goes towards the student union’s annual operating budget to provide services and governance for students, in addition to organizing events, activities, and campaigns.
  • Knowles Douglas Centre (KDC) Student Building Fund: This fee covers the day to day operating costs of the Knowles Douglas Centre, also known as the Student Union Building. Costs such as maintenance, repairs, hydro, steam, water, and cleaning. Surplus funds from this fee are allocated towards increasing student space on campus.
  • Health and Dental: Only students registered in 12 credit hours or more from September to April or Graduate students are automatically enrolled in the plan. This fee provides students with comprehensive Health & Dental coverage all year.
  • U-Pass (Brandon Transit): This fee provides all students on the Brandon campus with access to regular Brandon Transit Bus service all year.
  • Canadian Federation of Students Membership: All members of BUSU are also members of the CFS. The CFS provides students with a range of services from the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to government lobbying on a provincial and national level.
  • Quill Levy: This levy allows for BU students to have access to a weekly Student newspaper, both in print and online.
  • World University Service of Canada: The World University Service of Canada (WUSC) provides funding for refugee students to attend university in Canada. This fee helps sponsor two refugee students to attend BU.


The BUSU Council is elected on an annual basis from May 1 to April 30 every year. The General Election takes place around reading week in late February, and the By-election takes place around reading week in early November.

The BUSU Council currently has 17 positions[10]:


  • President
  • Vice President Internal
  • Vice President External


  • Arts Director
  • Science Director
  • Health Studies Director
  • Music Director
  • Education Director
  • Graduate Studies Director
  • Part-Time/Mature Students Director
  • Women's Director
  • Indigenous Peoples' Director
  • Sexuality and Gender Identity-Based Director
  • International Students Director
  • Residence Director
  • Accessibility Director
  • Racialized Director
Year President Vice President Internal Vice President External
1972/73 Doug Fraser Morrie Kilberg Dennis Darling
1973/74 Bob Hunter Andre Delaurier Guy Thornton
1974/75 Dave Wellborn Jim McManes Barb Daniels
1975/76 Brian Pallister
1976/77 Gordon Morrisseau Bill McNaughton Gordon Malcolm
1981/82 Drew Caldwell Bill Garratt Charmaine Schenstead
Year President Vice President Internal Vice President External Vice President Activities
1982/83 Charmaine Schenstead Mark Bonnor Scott Stewart Rae Plowman
1983/84 Reg Helwer Tracy Blanchard Vacant Tim McCartney
1984/85 Jes Aagaard Bruce Hickey Ruth Pryzner Wesley Turk
1985/86 Ruth Pryzner Sean Fedorowich Clark Marcino Dawn Aberson
1986/87 Scott Wiley Dave Sheach Joe Odartei Bruce Barber
1987/88 Shelley Ireland Mark Eichorst Patrick Braaten Kent Thorkelsson
1988/89 Shelley Ireland Elaine McCraken Al Stitt Vacant
1989/90 Sean Bowie Mitch Peacock Kirk Bruggar Bob Hume
1990/91 Paul McDonald David Swayze Bruce Leflar Jeff Richert
Year President Vice President Internal Vice President Advocate
1991/92 Jeff Richert
1992/93 Jeff Richert Tracey Walker Vacant
1993/94 John Roozendaal Lesley Kretai Vacant
1994/95 Lesley Kretai Marlene Powell Maezie Dadoush
1995/96 Darren Ottaway Elliott Oleson Kana Mahadavan
1996/97 Erick Blaikie Gaylene Gurr Nolan Erickson
1997/98 Gari-Ellen Donohoe Travis Chastko Joe Vercaigne
Year President Vice President Finance Vice President Academic Vice President Activities
2001/02 Tim Mckay Kristina Lonstrup Blaine Foley Vacant
2002/03 Carla Harris Kim Olson Katie Pollock Crystal Barber
2003/04 David Cannon Tom Matthews Jeff Sykes Meeghan Gavin
2004/05 Meeghan Gavin Tom Matthews Mitch Obach Vacant
2005/06 Mitch Obach Courtenay O'Brien-Moran Nathan Peto Zoë Gross
2006/07 Stacy Senkbeil Chris Fisher Vacant Zoë Gross
2007/08 Nathan Peto Stephen Montague Chris Fisher Daniel Arellano
2008/09 Stephen Montague Vacant Vacant Vacant
2009/10 Stephen Montague Grant Bastone Laura Balanko Vacant
Year President Vice President Internal Vice President External
2010/11 Jade Visser Laura Balanko Shannon Skidmore
2011/12 Deandra Tousignant Jonathan Keen Kelsey McDonald
2012/13 Carissa Taylor Raymond Thomson Suz Duff
2013/14 Stephanie Bachewich Matt May Jenna Clinton

(May 2013 - Jan 2014)

2014/15 Joel Springer Nick Brown

(June 2014 - Apr 2015)

Sandra Mutasa

(May 2014 - Sept 2014)

Rhoni Mohanraj

(Oct 2014 - Apr 2015)

2015/16 Aaron Thompson

(May 2015 - Dec 2016)

Nick Brown

(May 2014 - 2014 Dec)

Rhoni Mohanraj
Nick Brown (Interim)

(Dec 2014- 2015 Feb)

Jill Creasor (Interim)

(Dec 2014- 2015 Feb)

Aaron Thompson

(Feb 2015 - Apr 2015)

Nick Brown

(Feb 2015 - Apr 2015)

2016/17 Nick Brown Jill Creasor Greg Monias

(May 2016 - Feb 2017)

Trevor Dean Poole

(Feb 2017 - Apr 2017)

2017/18 Nick Brown Emily Simon Vacant


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