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Brandon "Shorty" Weaver (born June 23, 2000)[1] is an American auto racer from California. He is 15 years old, currently races a Legends car in the INEX Legends Series, and is 2011 California State Bandolero Champion.

Brandon Weaver with Bandolero, #4
Brandon Weaver is interviewed after a race, 2011
Brandon Weaver signs autographs for fans after a race, 2011


Brandon was born in Bakersfield, California[1] and first discovered his interest in racing at the age of five. After seeing his cousins race at local karting tracks, he was inspired to begin his own racing career. The next year at age six, Brandon began racing kid karts with the International Karting Federation (IKF); frequently racing at his hometown track with the Bakersfield Kart Club.[1][2][3]

Racing career[edit]

After just two years with the IKF, Brandon finished 2nd and 3rd place in Region 7 and 11.[1] He earned a podium finish in the Grand Nationals, and also qualified on the poll for the California State Championships.[1] In 2009, he moved up to IKF's highly competitive Cadet Class where he claimed 7 victories and was named Bakersfield Kart Club’s Track Champion.[1] Soon after, he began competing in the INEX[4] Bandolero Series. To date, Brandon has tallied 18 victories and 40 top-5 finishes in the series. In 2011, Brandon ranked 3rd in the US for the Bandolero National Championship and 1st place in the state of California.

Accomplishment History[edit]

2014 SRL S2 Stockcar[edit]

• SRL S2 Champion

• SRL S2 Rookie of the Year

• Youngest Driver to win at KCRP

204 US Legends Cars[edit]

• KCRP Track Champion

• California State Champion

• 5th Place US National Championship

• 17 Victories

• 26 Top 5's of 27 total races

2013 US Legends Car[edit]

• 1 Victory

• 13 Top 5's

2012 US Bandolero & Legend Car[edit]

• 2 Victories and 2nd place in 4 races

• 5th Place in his first Legend Race

2011 INEX Bandolero Series[edit]

• 16 victories

• 23 top 5 finishes

• Toyota Speedway’s Bandit Track Champion[5]

• California State Bandolero Champion

• #3 in US for Bandolero National Championship

2010 INEX Bandolero Series[edit]

• 2 victories

• 17 top 5 finishes

2009 IFK Cadet Class[edit]

• 7 victories

• Named Bakersfield Kart Club Track Champion

2007-2008 IFK Kid Karts[edit]

• Runs with West Coast Karters and Norcal Karters

• 2nd place Bakersfield Kart Club Champion

• 3rd place in Bakersfield Kart Club track Championship

• Podium finish in Grand Nationals

• Qualifies on the poll at the California State Championships