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OriginCleveland, Ohio
GenresEmo, indie rock
Years active1996–2008
LabelsDeep Elm, The Militia Group
Associated actsSix Feet Deep, Swarm of Bats, Golden Streets of Paradise, Hummersqueal

Brandtson was an American rock band from Cleveland, Ohio.


The band formed in 1996 and first recorded for a Stead Fast Records compilation entitled Radiowaves and Gibberish in 1997.[1] Soon after the group signed with Deep Elm Records, appearing on their Emo Diaries series before issuing their debut LP, Letterbox, late in 1998. The group quickly issued two more releases, Fallen Star Collection[2] and Trying to Figure Each Other Out ep, in successive years. Dial in Sounds followed in 2002,[3] and the following year the group released a split EP with Camber and Seven Storey Mountain.

In 2004 the group signed with The Militia Group and began working with producer Ed Rose for their fifth full-length, Send Us a Signal, which arrived in 2004. Another full-length, Hello Control, was issued in 2006.[4][5]

The members of Brandtson, minus Jared Jolley, reformed to the small garage rock project Swarm of Bats.[6][7] In 2007 Adam Boose opened the audio mastering studio Cauliflower Audio [8] to a positive reception.[9] Boose and Myk Porter went on to create the duo Golden Streets of Paradise.[10] Vocalist Myk Porter and Guitarist Matt Traxler were originally in the band Six Feet Deep.


  • Myk Porter - vocals, guitar
  • Matt Traxler - guitar
  • John Sayre - bass (1996–2005)
  • Adam Boose - bass (2005–2008)
  • Jared Jolley - vocals, drums



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