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For the footballer, see Branko Bošnjak (footballer).

Branko Bošnjak (14 January 1923 – 18 June 1996) was a Croatian philosopher, member of the Praxis school in the former Yugoslavia. Bošnjak was a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb and for a period a head of the Department for History of Philosophy and a dean of the faculty. He was a member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He died in Zagreb and was buried in Mirogoj Cemetery.

Major works[edit]

Bošnjak's main fields of interest were religion and history of philosophy. His major works are:

  • History of Philosophy as a Science (1958)
  • Logos and Dialectics (1961)
  • Philosophy and Christianity (1966)
  • The Greek Philosophical Criticism on the Bible (1971)
  • The Meaning of the Philosophical Existence (1981)
  • Philosophy and History (1983)
  • History of Philosophy (1993)

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