Brannan Street

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Brannan Street
Brannan Street.jpg
Studio album by
ProducerMark Eitzel
Mark Eitzel chronology
Brannan Street
Don't Be a Stranger

Brannan Street is a collection of songs that had not previously appeared on either an American Music Club recording or a Mark Eitzel solo record. Two of them are re-recording of songs on Klamath: for "I Know There's Someone Waiting" Eitzel rewrote all the lyrics and "The River" is sung with just an acoustic guitar. All songs were written by Eitzel unless otherwise noted.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Friends (Instant Song)"
  2. "There's Someone Waiting"
  3. "Please"
  4. "Winners Always Win"
  5. "It's Never Over"
  6. "ssssss"
  7. "Ramblin' Man" (Hank Williams)
  8. "Your Heart"
  9. "Eva"
  10. "Corny Spaceship Song"
  11. "Tori"
  12. "River"