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The Brannovices or Brannovii were a Gallic people mentioned by Julius Caesar (B. G. vii. 75). D'Anville conjectures that they may have been in the canton of Brionnois, near Mâcon, Saône-et-Loire, France. Walckenaer (Géog. vol. i. p. 331) has some remarks on these people. In Caesar (B. G. vii. 75) there are also readings "Blannovicibus" and "Blannoviis" (Oudendorp. ed. Caes.); and Walckenaer proposes to place the "Blannovices" or "Brannovices" in the district of Mâcon, where D'Anville also places the Brannovices or Brannovii. Walckenaer urges, in favor of this supposition, the existence of a place called Blannot in the district of Mâcon. There is another Blannot in the department of Côte d'Or, about 22 km from Arnay, and here Walckenaer places the Blannovii. The controversy has not been resolved.