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Brantley Coile is an inventor and founder of network technology companies whose products include PIX Firewall, the first stateful-inspection firewall and Cisco Systems' first load-balancer, LocalDirector.[1] Coile's patents include the fundamental patents on Network Address Translation (NAT).

Coile earned a degree in computer science at the University of Georgia. In 1994, he co-founded Network Translation, where he created the PIX Firewall appliance a new class of data communication firewalls utilizing statefull packet inspection.

After leaving Cisco Systems in 2000, he founded Coraid, Inc. to design and develop network storage devices using the ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE), an open and lightweight network storage protocol.[2]

Coile founded South Suite, Inc. in 2013 and continued to develop AoE technology.[3] In 2015 he purchased Coraid's EtherDrive intellectual property and founded The Brantley Coile Company, a subsidiary of SouthSuite.[4]


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