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Created byOlivier Marchal
Written byOlivier Marchal
Abdel Raouf Dafri
Philippe Haïm
Eric Valette
Frank Henry
Yann Le Nivet
David Defendi
Edgar Marie
Directed byOlivier Marchal
Frédéric Schoendoerffer
Philippe Haïm
Eric Valette
StarringJean-Hugues Anglade
Joseph Malerba
Karole Rocher
Nicolas Duvauchelle
Composer(s)Erwann Kermorvant
Country of originFrance
Original language(s)French
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes32
Producer(s)Hervé Chabalier
Claude Chelli
Production location(s)Hauts-de-Seine
CinematographyDenis Rouden
Jean-Pierre Sauvaire
Laurent Barès
Vincent Muller
Running time52 minutes
Production company(s)Capa Drama
Original networkCanal+
Original release12 October 2009 (2009-10-12) –
3 October 2016 (2016-10-03)
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Braquo is a French crime drama television series created by Olivier Marchal. It was produced by Capa Drama with the participation of Canal+ in association with Marathon Group, Be-Films and RTBF. Braquo was first broadcast in France from 12 October to 2 November 2009.

The first season of Braquo established a record audience for an original production of the channel and surpassed that of many U.S. productions broadcast by the network. The second season started on Canal+ on 21 November 2011. A third and apparently final season was announced by lead actor Jean-Hugues Anglade in 2011. The ending of the third season, with two plot strands left unfinished, suggested a possible return. The series was available in the US from Hulu as of September 2013.

The fourth - and final - season of Braquo was shot between February and June 2015 in Marseille and Paris. It is directed by Xavier Palud and Frédéric Jardin and written by Abdel Raouf Dafri. It screened in France in September 2016, closely followed by a Spanish broadcast and began airing in the UK in November on FOX UK.[1]

The name of the series comes from the French word braquage, meaning armed robberies, particularly of banks.


The protagonists are four police agents in the Hauts-de-Seine area of Paris: Eddy Caplan (Jean-Hugues Anglade), Walter Morlighem (Joseph Malerba), Théo Vachewski (Nicolas Duvauchelle) and Roxanne Delgado (Karole Rocher). Their colleague Max Rossi (Olivier Rabourdin) is accused of criminal misconduct, and commits suicide. His guilt is then presumed, disrupting the lives of the other four.

The four police agents then decide to "cross the yellow line": do whatever is necessary, even breaking the law, to clear Rossi's name. In crossing the yellow line, however, they fall under the close scrutiny of Vogel, of the police internal affairs bureau, a sworn enemy of Caplan.


Actors Role Episodes
Main Characters
Jean-Hugues Anglade Eddy Caplan 16 episodes
Nicolas Duvauchelle Théo Vachewski 16 episodes
Joseph Malerba Walter Morlighem 16 episodes
Karole Rocher Roxane Delgado 16 episodes
Recurring Characters (Seasons 1 and 2)
Geoffroy Thiebaut Roland Vogel 13 episodes
Alain Figlarz Serge Lemoine 12 episodes
Samuel Le Bihan Gabriel Marceau 10 episodes
Pascal Elso Vanderbeke 9 episodes
Joël Lefrançois Roland Fargette 9 episodes
Laëtitia Lacroix Valérie Borg 6 episodes
Eden Ducourant Léa Morlinghem 6 episodes
Tristan Aldon Oscar Morlinghem 7 episodes
Isabelle Renauld Michelle Bernardi 5 episodes
Fanny Bastien Catherine Morlighem 4 episodes
Xavier Letourneur Rocky 5 episodes
Recurring Characters (Season 1)
Valérie Sibilia Hélène Rossi 7 episodes
Denis Sylvain Louis Bordier 7 episodes
Yann Pradal Tintin 7 episodes
Olivier Rabourdin Max Rossi 2 episodes
Samira Lachhab Nina 4 episodes
Nozha Khouadra Sonia Kross 4 episodes
Lilou Fogli Sara 3 episodes
Michel Duchaussoy Claude Delgado 3 episodes
Philippe Hérisson Jean-Baptiste Lornach 3 episodes
Yan Epstein Borelli 2 episodes
Dominique Bettenfeld Janko 3 episodes
Pierre-Ange Le Pogam Charles Rey 3 episodes
Adrien Saint-Joré Farid Benaissa 2 episodes
Christian Gazio Jetro 2 episodes
Pauline Angoneman Yumna 2 episodes
Recurring Characters (Season 2)
Sophie Broustal Myriam Elmidoro 8 episodes
Hubert Koundé Jonas Luanda 8 episodes
François Levantal Aymeric Gauthier Dantin 8 episodes
Dimitri Rataud Antoine Bleuvenne 7 episodes
Yann Babilée Savinien Fèvre 6 episodes
Annie Mercier Madame Arifa 6 episodes
Marc Citti Latif Arifa 5 episodes
Francis Renaud Jean-Baptiste Dréan 5 episodes
Martial Bezot Werner Blitch 4 episodes
Pascal Demolon Gaëtan Merks 4 episodes
Farid Elouardi Yannis Fahad 4 episodes
Ludmila Mikaël Irène Bleuvenne 4 episodes
Julie Mouamma Mélanie 4 episodes
Salem Kali Ouari Boumendjel 3 episodes
Virgile Bramly Daniel Arifa 3 episodes
Manuel Gélin Le préfet 3 episodes
Steve Tientcheu Bambesi 3 episodes
Philippe Laudenbach Lucien 2 episodes
Eric Godon Hugo Christiaens 2 episodes
Arsène Jiroyan Atom Paradjanov 2 episodes
Boris Rehlinger Balmer 2 episodes
Vincent Grass Breymaert 1 episode
Recurring Characters (Season 4)
Assaad Bouab Redouane Buzoni 6 episodes


First season (2009)[edit]

First broadcast: between 12 October and 2 November 2009 by Canal+.

  1. Max
  2. La Ligne jaune (The Yellow Line)
  3. La Tête dans le sac (Head in a Bag, or Caught Red-Handed)
  4. L'Autre Rive (Over to the Other Side)
  5. Loin derrière la nuit (Running After the Night)
  6. Tarif de groupe (Group Rate)
  7. Tangente (Tangent)
  8. Eddy

Second season (2011)[edit]

First broadcast: bet

Third season (2014)[edit]

First broadcast: between 10 February and 3 March 2014 by Canal+.

  1. Affliction
  2. Nos funérailles (Our Funerals)
  3. Odessa
  4. Stoukatch
  5. Le Lait et le Miel (Milk and Honey)
  6. Prologue
  7. Andreas
  8. Entre la Terre et l'Enfer (Between Earth and Hell)

Fourth season (2016)[edit]

First broadcast: between 12 September and 3 October 2016 by Canal+ (two episodes per night).

  1. A l'ancienne (The old way)
  2. Ma part d'enfer (My share of hell)
  3. Nathan
  4. Pharaons (Pharaos)
  5. Onze virgule (Eleven decimal points)
  6. Bankster
  7. Un jeu sans fin (A game without end)
  8. Jusqu'au bout et jusqu'à la fin (To the finish and to the end)

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