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Developer(s)Emmanuel dos Santos Inc.
Creator(s)Emmanuel dos Santos
First releaseBrasfoot 2003
Latest releaseBrasfoot 2018

Brasfoot is a series of management games of football clubs (manager) for Windows, created by Emmanuel dos Santos, distributed by SiliconAction and originally released in 2003. The latest version of Brasfoot is the Brasfoot 2018. The game is the first of its kind in Brazil, considered the most successful because of its simplicity. The player's goal is to become the best of managers, alternating in the administration of finances, and tactics of your team.

Cyberfoot is the international version of the game translated to 13 languages.


You can play national championships, international championships, state championships (only in Brazil) and games with teams. If you have good results, you can be called by better teams, if not, you risk being fired and having to train the weaker clubs.

As a coach, it is possible to climb the players to formulate tactics and improvise the positions of the players. The coach is responsible for the finances of the club where he trained and can negotiate the rights and players' salaries, ticket prices and the expansion of the stadium.

Each player has a value for its strength, which tends to diminish as it ages, and up to two characteristics, among ten possible, in which he stands out more (in some leagues) the top scorer provides an award for his team.

The Brasfoot has an editor that allows you to make teams, several changes, deletions and additions of teams and players.

In the demo versions, the coach begins in the fourth division and dispute only the national championship and the Cup of Brazil or Spanish Copa del Rey. The paid version also does not restrict the improvisation of players in their sector.

Brasfoot 2010[edit]

The eighth version of the game, Brasfoot 2010, was released on February 23, 2010. In this edition, the team can be scaled directly placing players in a lawn. To this end, the game has been redesigned.

Brasfoot 2011[edit]

Were added to the 2011 version of the game the Recopa Sudamericana and the European Super Cup. Salaries values and the players contract renewal undergone changes. In this version, also appear the official uniform of the clubs playing in the series A and B in Brazil and 1st and 2nd Spanish divisions.

Brasfoot 2012[edit]

In the tenth version of the game, released in March 26, 2012. In this edition there are too many new things like:

  • The Copa Sudamericana format;
  • Reputation points ranking;
  • Dream Team of the Year;
  • Golden Ball Trophy;
  • Nationality of the manager;
  • Retired players can become managers;
  • Third team shirt and others adjusts.

Brasfoot 2013[edit]

Released in March 26, 2013. The 2013 version brought the following innovations:

Brasfoot 2014[edit]

2014 version innovations:

Brasfoot 2015[edit]

It will be thirteenth version of the game. Was released on 2015 and will have the following innovations:

  • Changes in the general design;
  • Change in state Brazilian championships(It's possible configure the championship style. Including makes it in the real-world format);
  • Added the long awaited Under-21 academy system(Players can be promoted, tested in friendlies and more.)*;
  • Others changes and bug fixes.

* Only for Brazilian League

Brasfoot 2016[edit]

It will be fourteenth version of the game. Was released on 2016 and will have the following innovations:

  • Changes in the general design;
  • Change in state Brazilian championships(It's possible configure the championship style, with very different formulas.);
  • New system of national championships, allowing each country has a different formula, and each division has its own formula. It will be possible to have championships run by points or knockout. You can customize the number of teams, groups, number of dropped and system knockout each division;
  • Recast selections system. All selections will be convened between the teams in play. The coaches of the teams will be chosen from the teams in the game. Human technicians will take the teams early in the season, can score friendlies with clubs or other selections before competitions;
  • Pre-Libertadores and pre-Champions League of Europe, increasing the number of places in each tournament;
  • In international competitions teams won awards every round knockout to win;
  • The champion of the Sul-Americana has a place in the Libertadores of the following year. As the champion of the Europa League will take place in the Champions League group stage;
  • New leagues club champions of CONCACAF and Oceania. The World Interclub will have all its participants defined by the playable leagues;
  • Others changes and bug fixes.

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