Brasseries de Bourbon

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A large la dodo lé la painting on a snack wall

The Brasseries de Bourbon ("Breweries of Bourbon") is the only major producer of beer on Réunion Island, formerly known as Bourbon Island, a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean.

The group was founded in 1962 and in 1986 Heineken bought a stake in the company. The first product of the brasseries, and by far now their most sold and widely known, is the blonde lager Bourbon, known popularly as Dodo, named after the now extinct bird of Mauritius. Its logo of a smiling dodo and the creole slogan la dodo lé la (the dodo is here) are found painted on the walls of establishments selling the beer. Since 1996, the group also produces some white and reddish beers. In addition, it also imports and bottles a variety of other drinks.

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