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Bratz Tv Show.png
Title logo for the series.
Created by MGA Entertainment
Voices of Dionne Quan as Yasmin
Olivia Hack as Cloe
Tia Mowry as Sasha
Soleil Moon Frye as Jade
Wendie Malick
Charlie Schlatter
Ogie Banks
Josh Keaton
Kaley Cuoco
Lacey Chabert
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 40 episodes (list of episodes)
Running time 20 minutes
Production company(s) Mike Young Productions
MGA Entertainment
Original network Kabillion
Cartoon Network (Latin America)
Picture format 480i SDTV, 720p HDTV
Original release September 10, 2005 (2005-09-10) – October 16, 2006 (2006-10-16) (4Kids)
Followed by Bratzillaz

Bratz is a computer-animated television series, based on a line of toy dolls of the same name. It is produced by Mike Young Productions and MGA Entertainment, and premiered on 4Kids TV on the Fox Television Network.

Series Overview[edit]

The four main characters are Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin. The girls live in a high-glam contemporary-style metropolis called Stylesville. They own and run their (own) eponymous magazine company, Bratz Magazine, which was established after Jade was fired from an internship. They also attend Stylesville High where they take their favorite classes, including a fashion course, and they are also cheerleaders. Their rival magazine company is Your Thing Magazine, owned and run by their business rival, Burdine Maxwell, who self-proclaims herself as the "Reigning Queen of Fashion". The girls' adventures are exploited throughout the series, both in and outside of Stylesville.


Bratz Magazine[edit]

Cloe, a.k.a. Angel. The beauty editor of the group, Cloe is a natural athlete, and is good at any sport she tries. However, she is also very dramatic about and during a specific situation (Sasha sometimes calls her "Drama Mama" because of this) and prone to outbursts. Nevertheless, Cloe is a very supportive friend who comes through in the end. She also has a column called "Dear Cloe". She is really close to Sasha out of all the girls.

Sasha, a.k.a. Bunny Boo. The music editor of the group, Sasha is an avid music lover and a talented dancer. She proclaims herself as leader of the group, but truly is not, as she has a bad temper and acts irrationally when things don't go her way, which also gets her in trouble. However, Sasha has a good heart and often learns an important lesson. She is really close to Cloe out of all the girls.

Jade, a.k.a. Kool Kat. The fashion editor of the group, Jade is, as said, and as she puts, the all-around and "far-out" fashionista. She also loves cats and even owns one named Micah. Though Jade often has good ideas, she sometimes puts things ahead of facts, which leads to unexpected results. Despite this, Jade also has a funny sense of humor to keep her friends laughing. She is really close to Yasmin out of all the girls.

Yasmin, a.k.a. Pretty Princess. The soft and quiet one in the group, Yasmin also has a passion for literature and animals. Though this sometimes can lead to her friends' ignoring her or being treated differently, she is also a very intelligent individual with righteous virtues and well-meaning morals, and knows what is right and what is wrong. She is really close to Jade out of all the girls.

Your Thing Magazine[edit]

Burdine Maxwell (voiced Wendie Malick), the head of Your Thing Magazine who is unintentionally responsible for Jade and her friends creating Bratz Magazine since she was the one who fired Jade in the first place. Burdine is quick to anger, impatient, and bossy, traits she does not show towards her pet Miniature Pinscher Royale. A running gag in the show is that whenever a person says something that Burdine finds insulting, she will say "Do you know who I am? I am Burdine Maxwell: The Founder, President and Editor-in-chief of Your Thing Magazine, and the reigning Queen of Fashion". The "Tweevils" have a tendency to call their boss "bird lips" among other names, but only when Burdine is not around. Like the "Tweevils", Burdine is also a twin and has an almost identical sister named Burnice.

Kirstee Tweevil (voiced by Kaley Cuoco), one of two twin sisters. Kirstee seems to be the oldest of the "Tweevils" because of her maturity and dominance over her sister.

Kaycee Tweevil (voiced by Lacey Chabert), the other twin in the duo, Kaycee appears to be slightly unintelligent compared to Kirstee who often calls her "dumbsicle". The two do not get along very well, often getting into short fights. Kaycee wears a bandage on her nose, according to Sasha, this was a results of three nose jobs following accidents involving it, the nose is commonly used in a running gag where if Kaycee (or something/someone else) hits her nose, Kaycee will say "Ow, my nose!".


Cameron (voiced by Charlie Schlatter), a good friend to the Bratz, he seems to have feelings for Cloe.

Dylan (voiced by Ogie Banks), another boy who has a (unintentional) habit of annoying the Bratz, usually resulting them in saying "Goodbye Dylan.".

Eitan (voiced by Josh Keaton), a boy who works as the apparent sole employee of a smoothie bar in the mall area of Stylesville, he does not appear as often as Cameron and/or Dylan. He is in love with Yasmin and in one episode, agreed to ask Yasmin out on a date while in turn, the others would make a magazine article based on it. However, Yasmin learns this from the "Tweevils" and rejects Eithan in anger, although they later recollide near the episode's end.

Byron Powell (voiced by Greg Ellis), a man from England whom the Bratz (along with Cameron and Dylan) first met in Bratz: Rock Angelz. He appears to be a parody of Simon Cowell.

Nigel Forrester (voiced by Greg Ellis), a British boy who briefly had a relationship with Cloe. She broke up with him after he made blatant comments about her friends.

Voice cast[edit]


The Bratz television series follows the adventures of Cloe, Yasmin,Jade and Sasha after their return from London at the end of the Bratz: Rock Angelz movie. The series was originally released in episode sets, and later editioned into Season One (Bratz: OMG! Collection) and Season Two (Bratz: Totally Stylin' Collection) packaged sets.


Despite positive reviews from fans. Bratz earned extremely negative reviews from critics. Common Sense Media gave the show a 1 star rating, saying that the show was too inappropriate for kids. saying "Bratz are the modern-day Barbie dolls whose vampy appearance has upset many parents seeking healthy role models for their daughters. Mind you, these dolls are marketed to tween girls, whose notions of womanhood are still being formed. But it gets worse. The TV show computer-animates these dolls, providing them with voice, a theme song, and a world where parents are absent and teens make all the rules. They wear so much makeup that they look like they loaded up on too many samples at the cosmetics counter. In one episode, the Bratz are expected to put on a fashion show for their fashion class. The boys of the show contribute by singing a hip-hop song about hanging out and checking out "all the girls." The Bratz then triumphantly appear decked out in high boots and mini-skirts so skimpy that a faulty camera angle would make Janet Jackson's Super Bowl exposure seem innocent. Parents will absolutely want to screen this program to see if it's appropriate for their kids."


The first season had very good ratings despite negative reviews from critics. However the second season had low ratings due to the original voice actors not returning, which led to the show's cancellation. The TV series was shown on CITV in the UK where it was popular with young girls, and had a peak of 51,000 viewers.[1]


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