Bratzillaz (House of Witchez)

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Bratzillaz (House of Witchez)
Bratzillaz House Of Witchez Logo.png
Type Fashion doll, Web series
Company MGA Entertainment
Country United States
Availability 2012–2013
Slogan "Glam Gets Wicked"

Bratzillaz (House of Witchez) is an American line of fashion dolls released by MGA Entertainment in 2012. The dolls, a spin-off of the company's popular franchise Bratz. Bratzillaz dolls are marketed as witches with special powers that make each character unique.[1] The Bratzillaz girls are cousins of the Bratz and most of the characters have a similar name to a Bratz character. Starting with the Summer/Fall 2013 doll lines, MGA began to use "House of Witchez" in the main logo to emphasize the Bratzillaz's "witchy" nature after they were thought to be copying Monster High, a line of monster-like fashion dolls by MGA's competitor Mattel. The commercials for the "Back to Magic" and "Witchy Princesses" lines never said Bratzillaz in them, only "House of Witchez".

Due to the hiatus that MGA took in 2014 to rebuild the Bratz brand, production of Bratzillaz dolls ended and they were discontinued.[2]


Each doll (with the exception of the Core (Basic Line) dolls) has glass eyes with an articulated, posable body. The dolls come with a broom hair brush, and some come with a spell scroll and a doll stand. Some have a unique pet, sold separately, and most have a personal witch mark symbol. Character cards come with the first edition dolls. They reveal augmented reality content when held up to a webcam: virtual doll animation and character video. The Core (Basic Line) dolls are part of an inexpensive budget line and have a non-articulated body and painted eyes as opposed to the usual glass eyes.[3]


Summer/Fall 2012

  • First Edition (Basic Line) - Yasmina Clairvoya, Meygana Broomstix, Sashabella Paws, Cloetta Spelletta, and Jade J'Adore.
  • Pets - Winkers, Wingzy, Fluffinscruff, Barkthalameow, and Kissifuss.
  • Fashion Packs - Midnight Magic, Changed-Up Chic, Blood Red Charm, Romantic Spell, and True Blue Style.
  • Accessory Packs - Academy Style, Wicked Night Out, and Charmed Life.
  • Cafe Zap Playset
  • Crystal Ball Set
  • Secret Message Pad

Winter/Spring 2013

  • Midnight Beach - Yasmina, Meygana, Sashabella, Cloetta, Jade, and Fianna Fins. All dolls in this line have glow in the dark, pale skin.
  • Magic Night Out - Yasmina, Meygana, Sashabella, Cloetta, Jade, and Vampelina.
  • Core (Basic Line) - Yasmina, Meygana, Sashabella, Cloetta, and Jade.
  • Switch-A-Witch Wave 1 - Single Pack and Double Pack [4]
  • Switch-A-Witch Wave 2 - Single Pack and Double Pack [5]
  • Pets - Ripple and Batric
  • Witchy Makeover - Yasmina [6]

Summer/Fall 2013

  • Back to Magic - Meygana, Sashabella, Jade, Victoria Antique, and Illiana Honesty.[7]
  • Witchy Princesses - Angelica Sound, Siernna Calmer, and Carolina Past.[8]
  • Core (Basic Line) - Meygana and Jade.[9]

Website and media[edit]

The official Bratzillaz website launched in July 2012. The website included character bios, parallax scrolling, and games. In a first for MGA Entertainment, Bratzillaz games are available on apps for smartphones.[10] It was closed on 2016.


Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Running time 1-3 mins
Production company(s) MGA Entertainment
Original network Television: Kabillion Web: YouTube/Official site
Original release August 15, 2012 – June 18, 2013
Preceded by Bratz
Followed by Bratz: C.I.Y. Shoppe Webseries

On July 13, 2012, the official theme song for the dolls was revealed in a live-action music video, which was shot at the Canfield-Moreno Estate. In August, MGA released the first Bratzillaz webisode to the official website and YouTube. A second webisode was released weeks later on September 11, 2012. The first season aired until January 4, 2013. A second season was expected to be released due to a leaked unreleased webisode titled "Fashion Bites" and parts of it being featured at the end of "Midnight Beach" when Yasmina looks into the future. However, due to MGA taking a hiatus with the Bratz in 2014 to rebuild the brand, production of the dolls ended and a second season was never completed.

From June 24, 2013 to July 22, 2013, there was a short series of videos about the Witchy Princesses titled "Witchy Princesses Adventure" which was not considered part of the webisode series.

Season 1

  1. "Welcome To Bratzillaz Academy!" (August 15, 2012) The Bratzillaz first arrive at the Bratzillaz Academy, meet Headmistress Magika, and are given capes that give them their own special powers.
  2. "Furry Frenzy" (September 11, 2012) The Bratzillaz meet Levitor and are each given their own unique pet.
  3. "Double Trouble" (September 25, 2012) The Bratzillaz meet the Toola Twins and prepare to head off to their first class, Purses and Potions.
  4. "Pur-Fecting Boy Chat" (October 9, 2012) The Bratzillaz help prepare Sashabella Paws for her first video chat with her crush, Igneus, as she is very nervous.
  5. "The Rrr-runway" (October 24, 2012) The Bratzillaz pets star in their very own fashion show after they feel left out of seeing the Bratzillaz have one.
  6. "In the Big Screen" (November 7, 2012) The Bratzillaz sneak into see Jade J'Adore's favorite movie, but ruin it for her and make it up by sending her into the movie.
  7. "Later, Alligator" (November 20, 2012) The Bratzillaz have to magically create an Alligator purse in Purses and Potions, and quickly try to fix things when things go wrong.
  8. "Headlines and Deadlines" (December 11, 2012) The Bratzillaz try to figure out how the Toola Twins always seem to beat Levitor in submitting breaking news into the school paper.
  9. "Midnight Beach" (January 4, 2013) The Bratzillaz are given help from Vampelina and Fianna Fins to find Cloetta Spelletta's pet, Barkthalameow, when they lose him at the Midnight Beach.
  10. "Fashion Bites" (Leaked episode) The Bratzillaz have a competition at Gloomingdale's to see who can find the best purchase.

Witchy Princesses Adventure[edit]

  • "Week One" (June 24, 2013) The Bratzillaz seek for information about the Witchy Princesses after Sashabella hears the three birds of the three Princesses crying.
  • "Week Two" (July 1, 2013) The Bratzillaz seek to find a book about the Witchy Princesses, only to find it is missing pages.
  • "Week Three" (July 8, 2013) The Bratzillaz look for two of the pages in Café Zap and in the Toola Twins' room.
  • "Week Four" (July 15, 2013) The Bratzillaz look for the third missing page to finally restore the book.
  • "Week Five" (July 22, 2013) The Bratzillaz repair the book to discover what happened to the Witchy Princesses.



Yasmina Clairvoya - (Similar to Yasmin) Yasmina has the power to see the future. She loves vintage romantic looks, retro style and funky braided hair. With her spellbinding style and oddball pet, Winkers, she stands out as a unique individual. Her witchmark is an Egyptian eye, and her color is purple. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2012 First Edition basic line as one of the core five girls.

Cloetta Spelletta - (Similar to Cloe) Cloetta and her mixed up cat/dog pet, Barkthalameow, have the power to change people into anything they want. She adores two-tone fashions, over-the-knee boots, sparkly capes and hair that goes straight and curly. She loves looks in two-sided colors. Her witchmark is moon & stars, and her colors are pink and black. She has heterochromia. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2012 First Edition basic line as one of the core five girls.

Meygana Broomstix - (Similar to Meygan) Meygana and her winged pet, Wingzy, not only have the power to fly, but also make dreams come true. She loves all shades of blue sky, late night parties, cloud hopping, fluttery capes and helping people's wildest dreams take flight. She loves sporty supernatural looks. Her witchmark is a pair of wings, and her color is blue. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2012 First Edition basic line as one of the core five girls.

Sashabella Paws - (Similar to Sasha) Sashabella has the animal kingdom under her spell; she can communicate with creatures everywhere. Her favorite animal to talk to is her pet furball, Fluffinscruff. She loves mixing up faux fur with fuzzy boots. She also loves other fur clothing. Her witchmark is a tribal cat, and her color is light green. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2012 First Edition basic line as one of the core five girls.

Jade J'Adore - (Similar to Jade) Jade loves everything about love. With her devilish pet love monster, Kissifuss, by her side, she has the power to heal a broken heart. She loves punky glam looks, luxurious lace, mysterious eyes and hearts on everything. She also loves urban witchy looks. Her witchmark is a heart arrow, and her color is red. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2012 First Edition basic line as one of the core five girls.

Fianna Fins - (Similar to Fianna) Fianna is a sea witch who has the power to control weather. Her pet is Ripple. Her witchmark is a mermaid tail. Introduced in the Winter/Spring 2013 Midnight Beach line.

Vampelina - Vampelina is a vampire who has the power to see in the dark. Her pet is Batric. Her witchmark is a pair of fangs. Introduced in the Winter/Spring 2013 Magic Night Out line.

Victoria Antique - Victoria is an exchange student from China who has the power to turn old things back to new. Her witchmark is a snake. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2013 Back to Magic line.[11]

Illiana Honesty - Illiana is an exchange student from India who has the power to make anyone tell the truth. Her witchmarks are henna tattoos. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2013 Back to Magic line.[12]

Angelica Sound - Angelica is one of the Witchy Princesses brought back by the Bratzillaz who has the power to manipulate sound. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2013 Witchy Princesses line.[13][14]

Siernna Calmer - (Similar to Siernna) Siernna is one of the Witchy Princesses brought back by the Bratzillaz who has the power to keep anyone calm. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2013 Witchy Princesses line.[13][14]

Carolina Past - Carolina is one of the Witchy Princesses brought back by the Bratzillaz who has the power to see into the past. Introduced in the Summer/Fall 2013 Witchy Princesses line.[13][14]

Note: The black and white witch featured in the Switch-a-Witch Wave 1 Double Pack can be seen as a background character in many of the webisodes, but was not given a name.

Characters introduced in media who have not been produced as dolls[edit]

  • Levitor - Levitor is a warlock who has the power to levitate objects.
  • Headmistress Magika - Magika runs Bratzillaz Academy, a school for fashion and magic.
  • Toola Twins - The Toola Twins are well known at Bratzillaz Academy for being antagonists who use black magic to get what they want.
  • Igneus - Igneus is a warlock who is Sashabella's love interest.
  • Messieur LeTrick - LeTrick is the professor for the class "Potions and Purses" at Bratzillaz Academy.
  • Tona Toola - Tona is a witch who is jealous of the Witchy Princesses and turns them into a book.


  • In the UK and other countries, the First Edition basic dolls come with the pets included.
  • The Cafe Zap playset is also sometimes called Starbrews, though the official name is Cafe Zap.
  • The Summer/Fall 2013 season was the only season not to feature Yasmina and Cloetta, two of the five core Bratzillaz. Their Bratz counterparts, Yasmin and Cloe, are the two most produced Bratz dolls, so this action seemed unusual.
  • Despite the fact, that the newer commercials only says "House Of Witchez" in them, the UK versions of both commercials says also "Bratzillaz" in some places.