Braunschweig (district)

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Landkreis Braunschweig
Coat of arms of Landkreis Braunschweig
Coat of arms
Country  Germany
State Lower Saxony
Disbanded 28 February 1974
Capital Braunschweig
 • Total 462,44 km2 (17,855 sq mi)
Population (1969)
 • Total 94,100[1]
Time zone UTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Vehicle registration BS

Braunschweig or Landkreis Braunschweig was a district in Lower Saxony, Germany. The administrative centre of the district was the independent city of Braunschweig, which, however, was not part of the district itself.

The district was disbanded on 28 February 1974, as part of a district reform in Lower Saxony.[2] The main part of the district was incorporated into the city of Braunschweig, while smaller parts were merged into the districts of Helmstedt, Peine, and Wolfenbüttel.

At the time of its disestablishment, the district consisted of:

The exclave of Thedinghausen had already been incorporated into the district of Verden in 1972.[3]


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Coordinates: 52°16′12″N 10°31′12″E / 52.27000°N 10.52000°E / 52.27000; 10.52000