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Braus Stores were retailers which sold women's apparel. The firm's offices were located at 285 Madison Avenue (Manhattan). The department stores were incorporated in January 1930. They were owned by B.A. Hartstein and incorporated with 100,000 shares of common stock.[1]

A casualty of the Great Depression, a bankruptcy schedule was filed against Braus Stores, then headquartered at 5 East 13th Street (Manhattan) on August 10, 1932. The business listed assets of $131,968 and liabilities of $66,899. The primary asset held by the company was $30,000 of stock. Primary creditors included the Eagle Dress Company, $2,353, Fair Waist and Dress Company, $1,530, General Dress Company, $1,247, Gary Dress Company, $1,910, and Majesty Dress Company, $1228.[2] The Irving Trust Company was designated as receiver in the insolvency.[3]


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