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Brave Soundtrack Cover.jpg
Film score by
ReleasedJune 19, 2012
StudioAir Lyndhurst Studios, London
LabelWalt Disney
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Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars
Empire3/5 stars
Film Score Reviews4/5 stars
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Brave is the original soundtrack of the film of the same name composed by Patrick Doyle and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. The soundtrack features Doyle's musical score and features two original songs performed by Scottish singer Julie Fowlis (written by Alex Mandel and Mark Andrews, produced by Jim Sutherland), and one original song performed by Birdy and Mumford & Sons.[1] Walt Disney Records released the soundtrack on both CD album and digital download on June 19, 2012.[2]

Brave was the first Disney film to feature music lyrics in Scottish Gaelic. The lullaby duet between the characters Merida and Queen Elinor entitled "A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal (Noble Maiden Fair)” (music by Patrick Doyle, lyrics by Patrick Neil Doyle) appears on three occasions in different variations within the fabric of the score, and uniquely includes Gaelic vocals by Emma Thompson and Peigi Barker. Doyle also composed for the film, “Song of Mor’du” (lyrics by Patrick Doyle and Steve Purcell) sung by Billy Connolly, Scott Davies, Patrick Doyle, Gordon Neville, Alex Norton and Carey Wilson. In this drinking song, Doyle and Purcell utilise a rich variety of words in the Scots language.

Doyle's original music for Brave was used in the official trailers for the film, which subsequently featured prominently in the film's score. The trailers also included a Scottish Gaelic song called "Tha Mo Ghaol Air Àird A' Chuain" sung by Julie Fowlis, taken from her album Mar a tha mo chridhe.

Brave is also the first Pixar film not to be scored by Randy Newman, Thomas Newman, or Michael Giacchino. The film along with The Good Dinosaur are currently the only Pixar films that are not scored by the three composers. Additionally, with the London Symphony Orchestra performing, this is the first (and as of now, only) Pixar film to not be scored in Los Angeles.

Other versions[edit]

Differently from songs from Disney musical movies, in movies where the songs are only used as a background, Disney Character Voices International does not require for them to be dubbed. So, in the Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Estonian, German, Icelandic, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Taiwanese Mandarin, Romanian, Serbian and Slovak dubs, the songs were left in English.

The Canadian French and Vietnamese soloists singing the songs (Marilou Bourdon and Bảo Thy respectively), are also Merida's voice actors.

The songs have been released as soundtracks in Brazilian Portuguese,[3] Castilian Spanish,[4] European French,[5] Italian[6] and Latin American Spanish.[7]

Since its first release, some local TV stations and studios have been dubbing the movie in their local languages, creating some unofficial dubs. Namely: Arabic,[8] Armenian,[9] Kabardian,[10] Persian,[11] Sinhala[12] and Tagalog.[13]

All official versions of "My Spirit Flies"
Language Singer(s)[15] Title
Czech Lucie Vondráčková[16][17] "Kdy vzlétnu já"
English Frankie Barranco[18][19] "My Spirit Flies"
Hungarian Lola[20][21] "Lelkem száll"
Polish Justyna Bojczuk[22][23] „Kiedy nie śpią sny”
Romanian Paula Seling[24][25][26] "Chiar Pot Zbura"

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Patrick Doyle, except "Touch the Sky" (music by Alex Mandel, lyrics by Mandel and Mark Andrews), "Into the Open Air" (music and lyrics by Mandel),[27] and "Learn Me Right" (music and lyrics by Mumford & Sons).[28]

1."Touch the Sky" (Julie Fowlis)2:31
2."Into the Open Air" (Julie Fowlis)2:41
3."Learn Me Right" (Birdy, Mumford & Sons)3:46
4."Fate and Destiny"4:17
5."The Games"1:53
6."I Am Merida"2:23
7."Remember to Smile"2:17
8."Merida Rides Away"4:07
9."The Witch's Cottage"4:26
10."Song of Mor'du" (Billy Connolly and Cast)2:17
11."Through the Castle"4:34
12."Legends Are Lessons"4:06
13."Show Us the Way"3:46
14."Mum Goes Wild"3:25
15."In Her Heart"2:36
16."Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal)" (Emma Thompson and Peigi Barker)2:36
17."Not Now!"3:34
18."Get the Key"3:15
19."We've Both Changed"5:30
20."Merida's Home"1:32
Total length:65:32


Brave debuted as the highest-charting Pixar soundtrack at US Billboard since Cars in 2006.[29] Ratatouille never placed, WALL-E debuted at No. 127 and Cars 2 at No. 153. The soundtracks to Up and Toy Story 3 were only released digitally, instead of being given a traditional CD release, until 2011.

Chart (2012) Peak
Spanish Albums Chart[30] 33
Canadian Albums Chart[31] 70
U.S. Billboard Soundtracks[32] 2
U.S. Billboard Top 200[32] 33
U.S. Billboard Digital Albums[32] 13


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