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The Bravery Council of Australia Meeting 75 Honours List was announced by the Governor General of Australia on 22 August 2011.[1]

Awards were announced for the Star of Courage,[2] the Bravery Medal,[3] Commendation for Brave Conduct[4] and Group Bravery Citation.[5]

Star of Courage (SC)[edit]

  • Lorraine Casey, Victoria
  • Charles Zerafa, Tasmania

Bravery Medal (BM)[edit]

Commendation for Brave Conduct[edit]

  • Timothy Arnold, New South Wales
  • Anthony Ayres, Queensland
  • Shane Brown, Victoria
  • Senior Constable Cameron Caine, Victoria Police
  • Dan Campbell, New South Wales
  • Benjamin Carroll, Queensland
  • Glen Damro, Queensland
  • Frank Engels, Victoria
  • Ricky French, Tasmania
  • Steven Gatenby, Queensland
  • John Granger, Queensland
  • Nicholas Gregorski, Queensland
  • Robert Grimson, New South Wales
  • Scott Hahne, Queensland
  • Arthur Harris, New South Wales
  • Peter Hocking, New South Wales
  • Darren Horne, Victoria
  • Senior Constable Kerri Johnson, Queensland Police
  • Senior Constable Daniel Jones, Victoria Police
  • Enes Kaya, Western Australia
  • Aaron Kell, New South Wales
  • Detective Constable Grant Lutz, Queensland Police
  • Samantha Marshall, Queensland
  • Peter Newall, Tasmania
  • Carl Niki, New South Wales
  • Constable Bernard Nyhan, Queensland Police
  • Thomas Reeve, New South Wales
  • Nicholas Sherry, New South Wales
  • Senior Constable Mark Simpson, Queensland Police
  • Jennifer Small, New South Wales
  • Senior Constable Ian Thompson, Victoria Police
  • Senior Constable Adrian Venz, Queensland Police
  • Leading Senior Constable Roger Wood, Victoria Police
  • Slavica Zdravavkovic, Victoria

Group Bravery Citation[edit]

  • Darren Evans, Queensland
  • Darren Simpson, Queensland
  • Mark Steffen, Queensland
  • Adrian Williams, Queensland


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