Bravery Meeting 76 (Australia)

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The Bravery Council of Australia Meeting 76 Honours List was announced by the Governor General of Australia on 10 March 2012.[1]

Awards were announced for the Star of Courage,[2] the Bravery Medal,[3] Commendation for Brave Conduct[4] and Group Bravery Citation.[5]

† indicates an award given posthumously.

Star of Courage (SC)[edit]

  • Robert McKenzie Fenwick†, New South Wales

Bravery Medal (BM)[edit]

  • Anthony Robert Ayers, Queensland
  • Benjamin Baiada, New South Wales
  • Sergeant Lisa Joy Blick, Victorian Police
  • Michael Hastings Carter, New South Wales
  • Paul Andrew Erlandsen, Victoria
  • Brett Raymond French, New South Wales
  • Arron Damien Graham, Victoria
  • Peter Gerard Halcro, New South Wales
  • Terrence Bruce Hall, Victoria
  • Constable Andrew James Hawkins, Queensland Police
  • Paul Jackman†, late of New South Wales
  • Paul Steven Moffatt, New South Wales
  • Mr Ben Dolphas Pere, Western Australia
  • Stojce Petreski†, late of New South Wales
  • Nathan Owen Schofield, New South Wales
  • Mr Robert Sparkes, New South Wales
  • Lisa Jane Webster, Victoria
  • Michael Patrick Williams, New South Wales
  • Peter Lloyd Williams, New South Wales

Commendation for Brave Conduct[edit]

  • Robert Luis Bosetti, Victoria
  • Lynn Maree Brooks, Victoria
  • Leading Senior Constable Allan Bradgate Davies, New South Wales Police
  • Detective Senior Constable Ross Dobbie, Queensland Police
  • Daniel John Doble, Queensland
  • Byron Willard Douglas, Queensland
  • Corporal Brenton Edwards, Victoria
  • Mark Jason Enright, Victoria
  • Ashleigh Audrey Flanagan, New South Wales
  • David Michael Grabham, New South Wales
  • Allan Frederick Harms, New South Wales
  • Michael James Hay, Queensland
  • Constable Kim Henderson, Queensland Police
  • Frederick Charles Hoare, Queensland
  • Constable Shaun Robert Jones, Queensland Police
  • Michael Thomas Kennedy, Queensland
  • Angus Frank Kent, New South Wales
  • Arthur Koole, Victoria
  • Jovana Ljubojevic, New South Wales
  • Senior Constable Rohan Ian McDonald, Queensland Police
  • Maeve McLoughlin, Northern Ireland
  • Nathan Scott McSween, Victoria
  • Nicholas William Macreadie, Victoria
  • Luke Zac Martin, New South Wales
  • Constable Megan Louis Meleady, Queensland Police
  • Ricky Frederick Morse, Queensland
  • Constable Gregory Arthur Naoum, Queensland Police
  • David Francis Nolan, Australian Capital Territory
  • Senior Constable Sebastian Robinson Pollock, Queensland Police
  • Arnold Russell Porter, Victoria
  • Grant Robert Ridley, Australian Capital Territory
  • James Anthony Rohan, Victoria
  • Inspector Christopher Charles Sammut, New South Wales Police
  • Dr Stephen Anthony Simmons, New South Wales
  • James Danforth Small, New South Wales
  • Sergeant Scott Thomas Spence, Queensland Police
  • Constable Adam Gary Stafford, Queensland Police
  • Joanna Stavrou, New South Wales
  • Anthony John Steep, Victoria
  • Lance Carlyle Till†, late of Queensland
  • Nathan Elliot Webb, Western Australia

Group Bravery Citation[edit]

  • Ian Gordon Carter, New South Wales
  • Neil William McLennan, New South Wales
  • Trevor John McLennan, New South Wales
  • John James Tapp†, late of New South Wales
  • Senior Constable Lee James Gadd, Queensland Police
  • Constable Andrew James Hawkins, Queensland Police
  • Senior Constable Paul Keith Quin, Queensland Police
  • Constable Adam Gary Stafford, Queensland Police
  • The Reverend William Nairn Morris, New South Wales
  • Peter James Baird, New South Wales
  • Byron Willard Douglas, Queensland
  • Douglas John Forsyth, New South Wales
  • Sergeant Arthur William Brennan APM, Queensland Police
  • Senior Constable Sebastian Robinson Pollock, Queensland Police
  • Robert Callaghan, New South Wales
  • Michael Stephen Wyllie, New South Wales
  • Robert Sears, Tasmania


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